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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

CQB Training: Illinois Area

Sunday, June 23rd in the Rockford area of Illinois I'll be teaching a CQB class to a Founder and several of his Tribe.  He is opening a few class slots  - so if you are a Founder, or a Patriot we know from these blogs, and you want to be part of a day-long class learning how to stay alive in close combat, let me know and I'll put you in touch with the class organizer.

Class location is about 60-90 minutes west of Chicago, and I know we have a LOT of readers within driving distance of this class.

My thanks to the Patriot who is hosting the class.

If you are on the fence, thinking "I'll catch Kerodin next time he holds a class in the area..." you may be out of luck.  The entire month of July is booked, and August is shaping up to keep me in the southern part of the country.  And remember, it isn't just about learning some core self-defense - it is networking, it is getting to know Patriots.

Stay safe, folks.



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