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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

III CQB: Life or Not Life

Most fights do not begin with a punch or a kick.  Most fights will begin with some idiot trying to put his hands on you (usually to set you up for a stronger punch or kick, then handcuffs or stomping on your skull).

We teach a few variations similar to the above technique in III CQB, with one significant difference: You'll notice the guy being grabbed doesn't take a punch at his attacker.

That ain't my style.

Some idiot decides to put his hands on me, or even try to put his hands on me, odds are good that in the midst of executing my technique to break his elbow, I'm going to swell his windpipe shut along the way.

But that's just me.  The choice is always that of the defender.  You can choose not to crush a windpipe just as easily as throwing the finger spike that tickles his cervical spine.  You can choose to break his wrist, elbow and shoulder for daring to put his hands on you - or you can be gentle and simply put him face-down in the mud so he may reflect upon his error and repent.

I'll teach both in all III CQB classes.

Remember: Western Colorado (Olathe area) is coming up in a few weeks.  Email me if you are interested and I'll put you in touch with the organizer.


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  1. I like some 90 degree finger and wrist play while I have an elbow locked out... That's just a little sample of the sick and twisted package I show to those who want to learn. Amazing what a little grab, twist, pull, grab will do to those tough "handsy" types isn't it? Thanks for posting Sam. You are helping to even the odds Sir.


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