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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Thank you all! Beck and CQB

Here's a snip that is primarily the opening segment.
Folks, I owe many of you email, thank you so much for your kind thoughts and words, especially regarding my wife.
Kenny, you nailed it - I married up and way out of my league.  ;)
H and I had a full day yesterday and today we are travelling west - tomorrow we host a III CQB Class in Illinois, so we are hitting the road here in a few minutes. I hope to catch up when we get back Tuesday (Monday will be a travel day home)
I have a simple favor to ask - help spread the Glenn Beck piece far and wide. It is currently linked (2 snippets) on his front page.  Drop a link on your favorite gun blog, Tea Party blogs, even your local news websites (even the Lefty sites). Let's show them that we have not only survived - but prevailed!
Here's the link to promote: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/06/21/take-an-inside-look-at-the-planned-citadel-community-for-patriots/

Remember, there are two quick snippets available on the front page of TheBlaze.com - and when you register and get inside, you can either watch "Highlights" or the "episode" dated 6/21.  The episode is 3 hours long - we have the first 50 minutes.
Thank you all!


  1. shared on my blog... we watched it twice

    well done

    PP III

  2. Holly nailed it. Great job!

  3. I only saw the two segments posted on The Blaze and don't think I can register again (and quit) within the same 12(?) months. In my opinion Beck came across as very skeptical, if not gently-hostile, in pressing the Koresh-comparison. Just my opinion.

    I can fully imagine the challenges, the pressures of those bright lights - in my very limited experiences being interviewed live on camera about something I'm passionate about. That said, I sincerely hope that during the remaining 35+ minutes you offered an encapsulated version of "Why the Citadel." I felt there were missed opportunities to repeat, repeat, repeat a "tagline," you might say, for your vision of life-in-the-Citadel. Feel free to cut and paste - or totally disregard - the thoughts I put together (from what I know from following the endeavor and reading your, and some associates websites).

    Patrice Stanton

  4. (Cont.)

    We of the Citadel are a group of liberty-loving individualists. We’ve been stressed by the negative changes in this country over the last decade or two and have done the all-American thing: imagined, planned, and are now creating our own unique solutions. Rather than fearing our group, we suggest communities of likeminded individuals look at our site and consider emulating us. Create your own unique development. After all, shouldn’t peaceful neighborly coexistence, in Citadel-like communities, become the norm in America? Once again?


    We’ve grown frustrated with the typical open-minded/so-called liberal American communities we’ve been living in. More and more we’ve found - at all levels - leaders rule, rather than govern, with the identical mindset of D.C.: in that once we’ve quote-unquote given them our hard-earned dollars, they believe they then can dictate how we live our lives.

    From the design and color of our homes, the length of our grass, the content of our driveways, or the types and locations of specific businesses within their jurisdiction. Particularly offensive to us is the growing hostility, in more and more places in America, to firearms’ ownership (and their manufacture). Worst of all is the arrogance, impatience, and, too often, refusal to listen (“grant an audience”) to those of us who put them in the seats of power in the first place.

    Just as important are the concerns we have for future generations. Especially as we see the intrusions of bureaucrats going so far as to restrict the subjects our kids and grandkids can speak of on a school bus, while failing to keep them safe while confined in them. Then there’s the ever-expanding dictatorship over the contents of their classrooms and the growing concern whether the brownbag food we pack for them will be vetoed at their school-lunchroom door. Most troubling is that we’ve had to ask ourselves too often, lately, will our children be the ones shamed or made delinquents today, if they bite their food into that quote-unquote most dangerous shape: a gun? Or draw a gun, or point a finger and go, “bang?”

    Most importantly, we fear the growing lack of urban and suburban civility, which increasingly descends into lawlessness...with no notice: on the street, in public transportation, and in once uniformly peaceful places like parks and shopping malls. Shouldn’t the increasing frequency of such downright dangerous flash mobs and random knock-down attacks make Citadel-living (i.e. in a community of like-minded individualists, who are liberty-minded peacemakers first) the 21st century’s version of an old-fashioned American dream?

    The walls of and the doors to our community will remain open for business and to visitors, unless, if and when a storm approaches, we are forced to close them...just as folks in hurricane- or tornado-country batten down their shutters, close-up shop, and take cover. For personal safety and preservation of loved ones and earned-property.

    So, again, there's nothing to fear about our community. We believe other individuals could do the very same thing. After all, shouldn’t peaceful coexistence, in Citadel-like neighborhoods and towns, become the norm in America? Once again?

    1. While I agree with most of your above statements, I disagree about Beck being agressive with the Koresh comparison. I think it's better to get the negatives out of the way and be done with them.

      I am, quite frankly, and have been for several months now, done caring what others think about this project and my outlook on Liberty. On the Citadel blog and this site we went through the issues, one by one, and they are still there for everyone to read, do you honesly think if the naysayers and detractors won't take the time to read those that they are going to listen to what you have offered? It's just time to own our beliefs and get on with our lives, to build the III to withstand what the future brings.
      Miss Violet

  5. Patrice, that was beautiful. You have no idea how much I hope the Citadel is a success, and embodies all that you have described.


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