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Monday, June 10, 2013

We stand strongest together

I love my country.  Not as it stands today, but the ideal of the America envisioned by Jefferson, Franklin, and other such men.

I know some of you refuse to salute the stars & stripes, and I understand your reasoning.  But I will salute , I will fight for it, I will kill for it if I must, I will die for it if I must - not because of what perverted people have made it, but for the Founding Ideals that led our Founders to fight and kill to secure Liberty.  I have what I have today because other men in our history were willing to do the same.

Our flag represents Liberty, to me.  So does the Gadsden flag and others.

Most people reading this blog consider themselves III.

You know I usually post and let you comment if you feel moved to do so, and I only weigh in once in a while.

We are a nation of independent men and women - real Americans, anyway.  We pride ourselves on standing on our own, on protecting the ground beneath our feet.  And when a dozen such Patriots stand together, or a hundred, or a thousand, I dare say no equal number of men from any other Tribe has a chance against us.  Our strength is our independence, our individualism - when we band together to work for the same goal.

There was a tectonic shift in our III community today.  It is too soon to reveal it just yet, it needs to mature a bit, and it needs to become solid and real.  But I promise you, the III may be on a course to change American politics and ensure Liberty for our posterity.

So, in this post I will ask you a question and ask you to offer an answer: What does III mean to you, to you as a man or woman, an American, a Patriot?

Yours in Liberty.



  1. Perhaps a quote from a book might be in order:

    "I want you to remember what I'm about to say, Sam; carry it with you all your life. What's yours is yours, provided you worked for it, and you paid for it - or is payin' for it - and don't no man have no right to take it from you by stealin'. You got a right to protect what's yours by any means at hand. And don't let never let no smart-mouthed lawyer tell you different. [...] If a man is tryin' to do right by his family, by his job, or them that work for him, and be a good neighbor in time of need, then whatever else he does, Sam...ain't nobody else's damned truck! Man's got to live by and with his conscience, boy."
    -William W. Johnstone, "Out Of The Ashes"

    Some of us just want to be left alone to make our own way. We don't want or need any interference from government or other outside parties. This has become impossible in recent days. The III is the only organization that really seems to be dedicated to bringing back the days when a man could live his life in peace. That is what III means to me - a return to better days when men could follow Jefferson's quote at the top of this blog and be left alone.

  2. An unwavering resolve to secure the blessings of freedom and liberty and pass them on to my children and their children. An inherent belief that good will always triumph over evil, even if at great odds and cost. That the only good despot is a dead despot. That those in this community have the testicular fortitude to step into harms way, honoring those who came before us, and continue to carry the standard established by our founding generation, to not let the flame of liberty be extinguished.
    Death to Tyranny
    Richard R Deaver

  3. Just a note on the flag. I fly the Betsy Ross as that represents the purity our Founders had in mind.

  4. Those willing to die for liberty. Those unwilling to live without it. Those willing to take it from those would deny it to them.

    1. Good to see something from you brother. -55six

  5. Thomas Jefferson said something that has stuck with me, especially the last few years, and has become a guiding principle in my life:

    "But it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods, or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg."

    I believe this is what III is all about. We want to live and let live without causing physical or financial harm to others(True Libertarianism), and as long as government and others neither pick our pockets nor break our legs, we are good to go.

    But...if either of those things happen, we get a might pissed off and will fight for our right to live as we see fit.

  6. III is the essence of American Life which has been forgotten and/or abandoned by, dare I say, most in America. It was, in days past, the driving force behind the concept of American Exceptionalism. It is, in fact, what made Americans different from every other people in this world. It made people want to immigrate, assimilate and participate.

    It's my hope and prayer that through the exercizing and defending the principles of III, America can recover her Exceptionalism and with that, her national pride. Without those (founding) principles, we're just like any other nation on earth.

  7. What does III mean to me?

    I agree with all the previous commentors descriptions, but for me it also extends to a feeling of being linked to other Individuals (most that I have NEVER met eye to eye) because our belief in Liberty and Freedom are so strong that it becomes our very blood, our lifeline, uniting us as family. I don't know how to decribe how so many Individuals, that I'd hardly call naive, could resonate with each other. I take strength from all of you.
    Miss Violet

  8. I agree with all of the other posters, including Miss V.
    The III is Liberty and family.

  9. I want to stand next to giants, past and present.

  10. Put me down for agreeing with all as well.

  11. I agree with all the previous posts. To me, the III are the true guardians of liberty. The people who are willing to do what's right and what is needed to insure freedom and liberty are passed on to future generations of Americans. We're all just pawns in a giant chess game that's going on, but we need to be the players that are willing to do the right thing no matter what. We have the capacity to alter the outcome of the game. We have to insure that the outcome is freedom.

  12. III?



    I accept and understand that human predators exist. Criminal or terrorist, they take advantage of our civilized society to prey upon the weak. They represent evil and must be confronted and defeated.
    I believe that self-defense is a moral imperative, and that illegitimate force and illegal violence must be met with righteous indignation and superior violence.
    I will not rely on others for the security of myself, my family and my community.
    I proudly proclaim that I run with a like-minded pack.
    I do not amble through life with the mind-numbed herd.
    I will train with my chosen weapons, maintain them and carry them in a condition of readiness at all times.
    I will be mentally prepared and physically equipped to effectively respond to an attack or emergency.
    I will constantly test myself against realistic standards to discover my strengths and weaknesses. I will turn weakness into strength.
    I will seek to learn new skills and techniques, and then teach what I have learned to other members of the pack.
    Be it with firearm or blade, empty hand or blunt object, I will hit my enemies hard, fast and true.
    I will live a quiet and unobtrusive life, but I will develop and retain the capacity for swift and decisive violence.
    I recognize that I am the modern equivalent of the traditional Minuteman, and that I may be called to service at any time against heavily armed enemies. I will respond effectively.
    I accept that I am a pariah among some of my countrymen, and a quaint anachronism to others. I will not hold their ignorance against them.
    I will win, or die trying.
    I swear this creed before God, my family and my fellow citizens.

    Finish that off with a dose of Constitutional Loyalty, and a love for the country of my childhood, pretty much covers it along with the posts above.

  13. III is the remnant of a dream almost two and half centuries old. III serves to define that dream. The legacy of III is to preserve and perpetuate the dream.

    At all costs. Even unto death.

  14. Amen Brothers and Sisters...Amen


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