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Monday, June 17, 2013

Well now...

...the poll served my purpose - Our top choice won with 78% of the vote.

Why does this matter?  No reason.

The stars seem to have aligned.  The X-Factors seem to be under control.  And as usual in America, hard work and dedication pay off.

For the Tribe in Rockford, I'll see you this weekend.

More later.


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  1. A nationwide bus tour organized by the gun control advocacy group Mayors Against Illegal Guns will make a stop in Concord Tuesday evening(18JUN2013).

    Gun violence prevention advocates will rally in front of the State House, as part of the quote- No More Names bus tour.

    Two Democratic state representatives posted details about the rally in the members notice section of the House of Representatives calendar and journal.

    Those in attendance will call for action to prevent gun violence and pay tribute to those killed by guns since the Sandy Hook shooting.

    The bus tour was launched Friday in Newtown, Connecticut and is expected to stop in 25 states.

    The event is scheduled to run from 5 to 7.

    There you go NH, get to Concord tomorrow and outnumber, overwhelm, call em' out.


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