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Friday, July 19, 2013

Building a Citadel Wall - in Detroit area?

Detroit is in decay, looters and riots are just over the horizon, and a surviving suburb of 20,000 Souls is considering a 12-14' wall, gate, and state-issued ID for entry.

Great concept.

Bad execution.

They will be over-run.


They failed to get off the line of attack.

There will be a lot of that going around, soon.

Here's the link.



  1. It would be amusing, if it wasn't so sad, that the people in the article thought it was crazy to have to go to such lengths to protect their area. It shows how protected we have been from the normal state of violence that most of mankind has been or is living in, doesn't it? That will be changing. I would be curious to know how many of that 20K will still be alive in five years.
    It's also interesting that their version of a walled city is so...statist.
    Miss Violet

  2. Given the situation in Detroit, things may be getting a little sporty here is S.E. Michigan sooner rather than later. On a brighter note, we do have the largest population of hunters in the US. If some have the balls to step off the porch will help.
    L Smith

  3. People will go to any length to avoid blacks, except to state so publicly and thus wear the Scarlet "R" for Racist. Paula Deen is just the latest example.
    Ever wonder why tribes were made up of the same sub groups?
    Plan your tribe accordingly. We are.

  4. I understand the tactical problems in their plan and agree with you.

    Could this be an opportunity for III or the III 300 acting in the part of a SF A team? Phys ed, patrol techniques, some CQB?

    I know you've not even laid the cornerstone in Idaho yet, but might this not be a chance to establish a III outpost? If you have harbor facilities in friendly hands, you all can ship supplies in and finished goods out, plus there's being able to access other areas of the country from the sea.

  5. In some ways, the real story is worse...none of the recent gibberish even counts Fed money, which has been staggering forever now. Just the two senior Johns in Congress--Conyers and Dingell--made wasting money nearly an art, and for sure a lifelong passion. Neither went broke doing it, either.

    Detroit itself isn't such an odd case---just tons of looting, bumbling bureaucrats with about a million enlistees into the Free Shit Army. That's pretty much any metropolis these days, though Detroiters always pride themselves on doing things well.

    The real difference here is that Detroit (Hamtramck is a separate city BTW, physically surrounded by Detroit) is in Wayne County, both named and styled after one of the worst thugs ever, "Mad Anthony Wayne." There are plenty of bad Detroit cops, and some good ones too, but nothing out of the ordinary and mostly distinguished by their ineptness. But Wayne County is a different story---that's a machine that can rival the worst, and manages to have the scummiest and thuggiest people throughout.

    Plus they're both in Michigan, with a long history of ruling the people, as opposed to serving the people. We get to vote here...we can either have unions and progressives rule, or we can have insurance companies and corporatists rule. It's always an exciting race.

    Hey L Smith, if you want to get together in the next few months, K's got my email or even easier, I'm pelletfarmer at the zerogov forum.

    1. Jim,
      I will definitely be in touch. It is certainly time to get all the networking we can going. I'll check out that forum too.

      Another thing that always needs to be remembered in the Detroit area discussion is it's very close neighbor Dearborn, frequently referred to as Dearbornistan. With the largest Arab population in the US. it certainly needs to be taken into consideration in any planning.

      Lee Smith

    2. The Dearborn thing cuts both ways, Lee. Even a horse doesn't shit where he eats. Plus, the Detroit area is chock full of Chaldeans, who tend to be no fans at all of Islamo-nutcases.

      At this advanced stage, I'll manage with anything short of Armageddon.

  6. Speaking as someone approximately 30 minutes drive outta the firezone along a major freeway, all of these are very astute observations. As for Hamtramck, as many have mentioned, it's essentially a small hamlet surrounded by the barbarian hordes. The borders would be porous and easily overrun. I'd say at least a 3 story+ wall, with guard towers every couple hundred feet for overlapping fields of fire, but that's just me and my "Escape from Motown Scenario"

    -Singing Detective


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