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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

CQB Students: Former, current and future


Holly and I have talked considerably given the few classes we have taught, particularly of the requests so many students who ask variations of "...well, what do I do when we get to the ground?"

Because you will go to the ground 99% of the time.  Period.

In my Fight to your Weapon course, the title says it all. I teach you to survive unexpected contact when you are out of position for an attack, enough time to deploy your weapon and/or finish the fight with hands, blades, pistol, rifle, or Chevrolet.  The premise of the class is:  Get off the line of attack long enough to deploy your weapon of break/kill your enemy so you can escape.

But in only 8 hours, I can barely fit in the escapes and counters needed to Fight to your Weapon.  What if you and the bad guy tumble/tumble in a heap on the ground.  My advise thus far has been consistent: That requires serious study in grappling: Judo, ju-jutsu, etc. In the absence of proper training hit the S.O.B. with a rock, step on his head, show him his guts and make him taste his own testicles.

However, Holly insists that I should consider offering a 4-hour or 6-hour supplemental class on a second day to Fight to your Weapon class, and allow people an insight and fundamental skillset to the real world of Groundfighting.

I have been giving it serious thought - and I have roughed out a curriculum for such a class.  If I am already with your Team, adding an additional day to focus on Groundfighting is easy to accomplish and inexpensive.

Now the question: Former and prospective students: Do you see a value in a second class that focuses on Groundfighting?  We can re-enforce some Day One skills, and introduce some fundamentals on Day Two at a faster pace.  Full-speed sparring will be necessary for a Groundfighting class, so you guys who like to test one another, this is the proper venue.  As usual, this will be suitable for all-comers - men, women, age is irrelevant, health is irrelevant, et cetera.

If I have already been to your AO, we'll work something out on cost.

If I add this training component, cost for the weekend will go up only nominally.

Let me know.

I'll tell you all the truth - I was heartbroken when I pulled off the Western Slope of Colorado, knowing that you Patriots had no place to continue developing skills that I think are essential.

Note: The guy in the video with the mustache is, in my humble opinion, the finest fighting teacher ever to walk this Earth.  If he ever feels the need to put his hands on you - beg forgiveness and mercy, because nothing else will stop him if he chooses to break you.



  1. Hello Sam,

    Thanks for that video piece - very useful, especially the last little bit. Will try hunting down more by him.

    re your question, yes the idea is a good one but it'd be tough to pull together at this end. Planning ONE day was hard enough; adding a second in a row would likely be even worse. That said, if you're passing through we can schedule it and whoever can join us is welcome.

    Besides, H is long out of chocolate and we know how she can get...


    1. His name is Rorion Gracie, for search purposes.

      You're right - H is out of chocolate, and she's taken to derogatory terms for anything calling itself "chocolate" that isn't followed with "...by Daniel." ;)

      Business concept to run by you: What do you think of the idea of me and HK creating a 1-3 month hardcore program, partnering with an established dance studio, or maybe finding a location that is empty and the owner would allow a short-term lease, and running that program that would cover a lot more ground than "Fight to your Weapon" and/or "Groundfighting 101"? Do you think your Tribe, as an example, would commit an hour or 90 minutes at least 3 nights or days a week (or weekend) to get through the program? It means H and I would become nomadic for a while, with "roots" of 1-3 months in an AO, but I would "KNOW" the training is better than local offerings. I already know the downside - getting people to commit. What do you think?


    2. Thanks for the search help. The links at the clip you offered are a goldmine of his stuff. I'm taking notes and am already bringing it to Patty for practice. It'll keep us busy for a while. It's far from hopeless here - she's starting to anticipate it when I grab her out of the blue.

      Love your idea but honestly think it'll fail for all but the most unique tribes. Looking at our class and taking it forward from there, I can't see the Wisconsin elements making the drive that many times. Plus, the core of my bunch let me down for just one day. Asking for regular attendance for 1-3 months is just asking to irritate me. It might be better with a group like Sandman's (please give him my regards when you're there) where they're already rolling together and have done some "weeding".


  2. Forgot to mention the local dojo you thought might work is a no-go. Too much beer gut and ego with a samurai sword and brick/board breaking. Plus the schedule is pretty limited and we'd each be on the hook for a year's contract. Too much pain for not enough gain.


  3. R&R
    Rorion & Royce!

  4. If you want to learn ground combat enroll at a BJJ school. You will "roll" after every class. Rolling is sparring, but unlike boxing you can roll every day while only getting a few bumps and bruises. As someone who took BJJ for 4 years (before getting hit the face with a minivan thus ending my BJJ hobby) I will tell you that you WILL NOT effectively learn them without LOTS of practice.


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