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Friday, July 26, 2013

Food is money. Food is power. Food is Life.

Seed is food in a form that can last a long time, you can carry large quantities with ease, and you can secure your source of food security for years, right now, very inexpensively.

You need allies?  They will need food.

Bill has put together a new package: Blue Maiden Garden Seed Package

It is different than other packages he offers, look at the seed selection - and the price.  Bill has forced the "seed pimps" to limit their raping, pillaging and plundering of frightened people.  That is noble.

Who would you choose to deal with - a price gouging seed pimp, or a Patriot who offers a generous and useful product at a fair price.

Here's the link.  I will ask you again - you will be in Church this weekend, ask the appropriate person why they have not stocked the church's shelves with long-term security for the flock.


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  1. Best supplier period. You can stock seed for your tribe for YEARS worth of growing for a few hundred bucks.( the cost of ONE case of ammo) Anyone who does not secure the future of their people is an idiot, and will pay a harsh toll in the near future.

    You can't fight,work,move or negotiate from a position of strength if your family and tribe are starving. Talk to Bill, he will even call if you want to discuss what is best for your region and group size.


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