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Thursday, July 18, 2013

TacticalProShop.com - First Class Gear Shop

H and I arrived in Los Angeles ready for our class with BonnieGadsden and his Tribe.  Of course, we still had no Blue Guns (except my personal few).  Setting up an account with the Blue Gun company was my first choice, but they are swamped with orders and couldn't help me out in time.  (I still intend to set up this account, because you folks need training weapons).  From DC I made contact with Matt at Tactical Pro Shop in Burbank, California.  I gave him my list of Blue Gun needs, and he said he had me covered. For anyone who has never been to "Los Angeles" it is a sprawling, massive area that all falls under the umbrella of "Los Angeles", though it is really more than about 100 smaller towns/small cities that rub shoulders with one another.  The actual city limits of "Los Angeles" are "relatively" small, compared to what most maps call "Los Angeles".

H and I were down near Long Beach, between the class site and Holly's sister's home.  Burbank was about an hour - each way - on several different highways.  It was Friday, July 5th when most everyone had shut their doors for the long weekend.  I walked into Matt's shop and said "Point me toward your Blue Guns." and he immediately knew it was me.  "We talked in email, right?  You're from DC?"  I said yes, and he gave me the smile of a man who knows how to run a small business.  And it wasn't just a "business smile" - the guy is genuinely nice, he knows every product in his shop very well, and I watched as he and his assistant helped a knife shopper find "the proper" knife for what the customer wanted, inside his budget range.  There was no hard sell - he was taking care of his customer.

True to his word, he had the Blue Guns I needed and even had them ready to pull from the back storage area (what wasn't on display).  I ended up with 2 different M4 variants, 2 1911's, 2 Browning HPs, a blue knife, and a Sig - and he gave me his 4th of July discount.  For those of you who buy Blue Guns, you know they are not cheap, and I can tell you from personal knowledge having dealt briefly with John Ring (the manufacturer) there is not much profit margin built in for Dealers.

Matt took good care of me.  His shop is relatively new (a bit more than 5 months with the doors open, now), and well-stocked.  He hasn't bothered with an FFL (who would in California these days?!) and as I said, he not only knows every item in his shop, he stocks quality gear.

If you live locally, stop in and say hi.  If you are shopping for something tactical online, try his shop first: TacticalProShop.com.

He's not paying me a dime, this post is simply to let my audience know he's a good guy with a good shop that deserves to be supported by Patriots.  I'm going to add his shop to my right sidebar as soon as I get off the road (this laptop doesn't have any of my good software).




  1. I'm glad they took care of you, but their prices are pretty frickin high on everything.

    1. I honestly haven't surfed their site enough to check prices - what I ended up paying for my Blue Guns was very fair (he was running a sale for the 4th)

      If he is higher than average, I'd considerhat he is running a bl different from most - he runs a shop with inventory on his shelves. Many (WAY TOO MANY) online vendors hold very little inventory. When an order is placed, they simply forward the order to the manufacturer, and have the manufacturer drop-ship the product. That results in a lower cost and "usually" acceptable delivery times.

      Personally, I'd pay a 10% mark-up over the "average" online price if I know the company is run by a good guy. But your point is absolutely valid - in today's world when folks are on a budget, every dollar matters.



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