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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

When they drop the optics...

So, the people running the state of New Hampshire - the "Live Free or Die" state - consider Free Staters to be domestic terrorists.  They put the Occupy folks in the same basket.

LEO in Concord, NH made these assertions.

LEO in Concord already treat these people as Domestic Terrorists, from whom they must protect the sheeple from inside of armored DHS units.

Where do you think they put you on the threat matrix?

Here's the story from NCRenegade.



  1. I know where I stand on their threat matrix. Although we may not want to believe it, we all will have to decide which side we will fight for.

    The only decision that you will have to make is if Liberty is worth the price and sacrifice necessary to regain it. And make no mistake, America has no Liberty or the rule of law.

  2. "The police don't explain why they think Free Staters pose a violent threat to them. It seems clear from all of their material that they represent non-aggression, liberty, and personal responsibility. Apparently those are dangerous concepts to an increasingly militarized police state."

    Well, what's a little white lie if it means you can get cool, free shit from Uncle Sugar. Besides, collateral damage is expected, right?
    Miss Violet

  3. the police state mindset cancer has metastasized across the nation... no area is immune to the results of the infection... it's truly a sad day in and for what used to be America - where the cry was once "Live Free or Die"

    Pray for the best while prepping for the worst.

    Prepping Preacher

  4. Yeah...that whole Free State Project seems to be working out just great.

    Don't get me wrong, the concept was workable. But expecting it to flourish in the now-openly-Communist NE was a recipe for failure.


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