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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

America has about three seconds left...

My students know what a rear naked choke feels like when applied, and how to apply it to someone else.  In the video above, the lass works from her back to the back of her opponent and slips in a choke.  It isn't textbook, and it takes a while for the choke to do its work - but in the real world you almost never get textbook.  Once she had her arm snaked about his neck she simply held on and let him thrash, constantly tightening.  She never relents.  Annnnnd, he's gone.

A good choke will take you into unconsciousness in about three seconds.  A sloppy choke may take a bit longer.  But the end result is the same - you end up reliant upon the mercy of the person who just choked you out.

My students also know that the moment they feel that arm coming around they need to immediately begin defending the neck.  Failure to defend the neck means submission, and perhaps death.

Look around, Patriots.  Bad People are slipping that arm around the American neck, right now. 

If they get it cinched in place, America and the ideals you and I hold dear will die.  The Police State is part of that choke.  The surveillance state is part of that choke.  Criminalizing such acts as feeding hungry people is part of that choke.  Disarming Americans is part of that choke.  Bleeding you dry with taxes and regulations and high costs on every product you need to live, from gasoline to bread, is part of that choke.  Every single politician in office, and those waiting on deck, are part of that choke.  Every American who votes for such people and policies is part of that choke.  Every member of the FSA is part of that choke.  Every idiot stirring the racial strife in America is part of that choke.

Every Patriot who stands aside and does nothing, is part of that choke...

How does one defend against a choke?  You tuck your chin to your chest and then you go to work and kill that fucker who is trying to choke you.

When there are cancer cells in the body - you kill them.

When some fuck is trying to force you to bend knee and enslave your children and grand children, you kill them.

Do you wait for Freddy Kruger or Jason Voorhees to come to your door or get into your house before you kill them?

Do you wait for some asshat on the street to start snaking that arm around your neck before you defend yourself and kill him?


Use this information as you will.


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