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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Butthurt much?

Two posts down I linked to Lizard Farmer. 

It seems MBV did a piece on him, and revealed his butthurt yet again.

Most of you know my position on MBV, no need for me to go there again.  If you choose to follow a narcissistic hollow hero with zero real-world skills who insists on tearing down any Patriot or Patriot endeavor of which he is not the architect, knock yourself out.

I said in my post below that our community is better when Lizard Farmer is able to contribute.  I stand by that comment.  When a professional offers you an honest critique, you should listen.  Take any criticism constructively, and work to improve your skillset.  Get out of your feelings.  Man the fuck up.  Stop wallowing in butthurt.  These people (LF, Mosby, Max, Mason Dixon, AmMerc, and others) are professionals who take the time to try to help you prevail.  You may not agree with everything they say.  Hell, none of us agree with everything anyone says.  But in this community of Patriots who, for the most part are NOT professional Warriors, yet intend that one day they may need to fight - listen when a professional fighter takes the time to help you.

Mosby weighs in here on the Lizard Farmer piece.


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  1. An embittered old man slowly dying. He still brings out some good points now and then , even so , this is not a time to be spewing discord. The hour of our trial draweth nigh.


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