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Sunday, August 18, 2013


Question: To the folks who have recently served, either in uniform or on contract with a PMC - why haven't you mentioned this system being used in the field?  This is the sort of intel our non-.mil folks need to take an informed decision regarding the state of the ground and timeline for expected contact.  This has been in the field since 2006, according to the story.

To everyone: If you do not understand that you are at war, right now, I can't help you.  Men who mean to be Masters have already targeted you for submission or death, because your ideals are an impediment to their goals.  They are coming for you, right now, even though they may not be at your front door.  Everything you see them doing is to set the ground for making you choose not to fight, or to put in place the circumstances that will allow them to take you out "...for the common good...", because you are a dangerous and radical extremist/terrorist with a perverted interpretation of the Constitution and no respect for Law & Order.

You may not want a fight.  You only get to choose 1/2 of that equation.

Please begin to look at the world through a Warrior's eyes.  You are under attack, right now.

Here's the link at CA's place.


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  1. http://guerrillamerica.com/2013/03/the-role-of-biometrics-in-future-domestic-conflicts/


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