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Saturday, August 31, 2013

III Arms: Balls 5

Robert Leffler
10:43am Aug 31  

James and all III Arms Patriots. Today, I picked it up from my FFL. My chubby turned into a Diamond Cutter... when I spied the SN of Balls 5. WOW, Gentlemen, I am Truly Honored to be the Owner of Balls 5. The Minuteman 15 is truly a Beauty, from the Citadel Stone etching to the Dedication to my 5th Great Grand Father who was a III %'er during our 1st revolt against an over tyrannical government. I really appreciate your dedication and hard, and sometimes arduous work, to create the craftsmanship along with your Patriotic Pride, in a Truly American Made, By American Patriots, For American Patriots weapons system to stem they tide of Tyranny against... We The People. Thank You All.

Link: www.facebook.com/iiiarmscompany

Well done, Mister Miller.


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