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Monday, August 26, 2013

III CQB Schedule

Next class is at the Citadel PatCom on Saturday the 6th with GroundFighting on Sunday.  If you are attending the PatCom and plan on taking the class, please hit the PayPal button on the right side of the blog so I know who and how many to expect.

For the Patriots in South East Wisconsin and Upper Michigan who are considering classes after the PatCom in mid-September, drop me an email as early as possible so I can get you booked with a date or release the dates for other classes.

Following our September trek eastward, Holly and I will be at Brock's PatCon the first week of October.  If you plan to take the CQB class at Brock's, please hit the appropriate PayPal button on the right, or get your payment in to Brock ASAP. 

As I announced earlier, the cost for CQB classes will be going up for all classes after Brock's PatCon.  The only exception is for classes booked (and deposits paid) prior to October 4th.  (So, if you want a class in December at today's prices, make sure you book it with me ASAP to lock in current pricing.)

New pricing:

$310 per person for Fight to your Weapon (minimum class size 10 people)
$80 per person for GroundFighting 101 on Day Two (mnimum class size remains 4 people)

I'll teach smaller classes, of course - but the cost will need to be shared among the participants.

Same restrictions remain in place: No LEO - don't even ask.

See you on the mountain!


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