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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I'm smiling today...

There is some inside baseball happening that is just flippin' amusing as hell right now, all fallout from driving a group of White Nationalist fucks out of my life.  They should have left me alone when I asked politely. 

One of the most amusing aspects is watching just how many people got butthurt over it - people who try to hide their racist views in religion and patriotism, yet when the light is shined on them they scatter like diseased roaches.  Like a black hole, one can't see exactly what happens inside, but you can get a pretty good idea what's happening by watching the edges.  I stirred the shit (with considerable help from Bill and others who shall remain anonymous) and I can't help but laugh at all the butthurt filth who are acting damaged because they got splattered.

Folks, please understand that there is a deliberate push to "take over" the Liberty Movement by racist garbage.  Associating with them will taint everything for which decent Human Beings stand.  You have to watch the people with whom you associate, many try to hide their true feelings and goals in drapes of patriotism and religion.  But when you see it, stomp it.

The first part of the song above is mockery.  The back half is not.  It speaks on many levels, and it is probably not the cup of tea many of you prefer.  But, I have a wide range of music I like, and I especially like music with a message.  And an ass-kickin' baseline is never a bad thing.

Vocational Terrorist - that's just adorable!

Stay safe, folks.



  1. I never picked you to be a Tool fan K... Good choice! Bill has done wonders hasn't he? It is critical to be aware of those around us who wish to harm or mangle good intentions. To find people who operate with the blinders off and have their hearts fully invested in the return of Liberty and Freedom is inspring. The verbal Napalm that has been cast out that is sticking to the skin of these assholes has been amazing to read and witness. I hear lighter fluid is awesome at removing splattered pests. They sure can leave a stain if you don't handle their removal promplty and properly. Keep motivating and inspiring people man... It is greatly appreciated and needed.

  2. Grandpa killed some nazi's, folks around here would be happy to do it again. Judge a Man by his heart and his actions. NOT the color of his skin.

    1. Sandman: I love the avatar. I agree completely - there ARE differences between the different breeds of Humans, just as with dogs, snakes, etc. Each has strong points and weak points. But when people try to paint an individual with a broad stereotype, it reveals simplistic thinking on behalf of the "painter". We can't afford to have simple-thinkers in our ranks.

      Any chance you or any of your team will make it to Brock's PatCom? It would be great to see you again.

      Stay safe.

  3. Oh, btw GREAT song. Saw them a while back in Huntington, Tool owns.

  4. Sam,

    Would like to attend, but not possible at this time.
    Hopefully things hold together long enough for us to get to one.

  5. Tool music is frightening and takes me to a dark place.
    It's getting so I kinda like it there.
    I think my son has some Tool I can steal.


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