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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Is the Founders' Intent gone forever?

The history of Liberty can be viewed as a series of expansions and contractions, like bubbles that grow up in various small parts of the world, only to pop.

Just start with the Greeks, who fell and gave rise to the Romans, who fell only to see Western Europe seek the concept, which can be seen in the Magna Carta and the Rights of Englishmen.  Enlightenment gave way to the American and French Revolutions.  This is a story that spans thousands of years.  Each cycle is more intense, and larger, than the previous.

Liberty did not get the run it deserved in America, knee-capped by the Federalists from Day One.  By the time Lincoln arrived, it was doomed, and he killed a lot of men to make it stick.  Wilson slit Her throat, and today she bleeds out.

Today some of us see the same tyranny circling us like a shark that has been seen by so many other cultures through time.  Can we turn the attack and give the Founders' Intent a real chance?  I know that is my goal.  I think it can be done.  I am also a realist and know our odds of success are slim.  For Liberty to win, the masses of FSA and Marxists will have to be encouraged to go to work or leave our system.  I also believe it is the most noble fight of my lifetime, so I will not relent.

Alan puts forth a very strong argument that the Revolution would not have happened but for the work of three men. They were not only the spark in the powder keg, they bought the keg and filled it with powder.  Do we have the intellectual bank our Founders had?  Do we have the mettle to risk being hanged?  Do we have enough people who will stand up when the time comes? 

What will the next round in the Liberty cycle look like?  America II (Founders' Intent)?  Snuffed from existence for a few hundred years until a new bubble begins to form somewhere on Earth - India, maybe?  I do believe if America falls, the Russians will be the ruling power for at least several generations.  On thing is certain - the Human Experience is one of extremes.  There won't be much of a middle ground. 

This is rhetorical, something to consider in the deep of night...



  1. I don't know as the Russians are quite ready yet either.

    India is the largest Democracy on the planet right now but I am keeping an eye on those inscrutable Chinese.

    They are currently getting a taste of Western decadence and their middle class is exploding with new found affluence.

    There is a reason the ruling class keeps the internet away from them and it's not all about government secrecy.

  2. Forgive my ignorance, but which three were perceived as so much more key than all the others?

    I doubt any other population in the future can have such a large proportion of great men. The only comparable was a generation or two in the golden age of Greece/Athens.

  3. Otis, Hancock and Adams. When I get settled late this evening I'll find Alan's comment and post it.



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