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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Kote Gaeshi

One technique.  Useful against many attacks.  Brutal if you are on the receiving end.

If you are training your Tribe I can recommend the current MACP course as taught in the Army.  You can find PDF versions of Field Manual 3-25.150 online, and you should get it for your team.  Learning the techniques in the manual without instruction will be almost impossible, but if you have seen the techniques it will serve as a refresher.  The MACP is not perfect.  There are many techniques I would drop, and several I would add.  There is a lot of groundfighting being taught that can never be executed by a trooper in full kit.  Hell, a lot of what is being taught becomes almost impossible simply wearing combat boots.  But as a baseline program, it is pretty darned solid.

Train, folks.  Hit and get hit now.  Learn to throw and fall, now.  Begin to blend your defensive sidearm and bladework into your CQB program.  I know many people believe the coming Ruckus will be fought at rifle distances, and in some cases that will probably be true.  I dare say that most conflicts will be much, much closer.  They will come upon you suddenly.  You will be the defender at least as often as you will be the attacker.

Rifle, sidearm, blades, empty hands - it is all one system.


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