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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Life, Fortune and Sacred Honor

I wrote a Patriot friend this morning that "...they may kill me, but we've already won."

I think most of you know I have pledged my life, my fortune and my Sacred Honor to the pursuit of Liberty, and to you, my allies in this endeavor.  I also think I have proven myself to enough of you that I have nothing left to prove regarding the nature of my character.  That's never been high on my "to-do" list anyway, but given my head-banging with the Feds, it does matter to me that a few of you know my true heart.

I am not expecting to die anytime soon - but who does?  Yes, I get threats, usually cryptic and from cowards who play Rambo on the internet.  Some, not so cryptic.  And I am easy to find.  Yet we all know the Enemies of Liberty have dropped the optics.  If you are reading this post, you've already given "Them" enough to warrant including you in any decapitation strike.  Accept it.  Own it.  Let it inform every decision you take, and let it fuel the burn in your hearts for what these people have done and intend to do to our Country and the ideals that built it.

I've lived a damned good life, and I have very few regrets.  My wife understands and loves me and knows that I will probably not die an old man with cancer eating my guts, but sooner than I should while standing upon Principle.

I'm good with that.  And if a few of you respect me once my corpse has dropped, so much the better.

This ain't no fuckin' game.

Look around you, folks.  They are coming.  How you die is up to you.



  1. Right when I was having fun, you piss on my ice cream. Damn.

    Ne Desit Virtus III

  2. If they're talking about it instead of doing it, there's a reason they're talking about it.


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