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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Michigan CQB AAR

UPDATE:  Lee, our host in Michigan, sent in two pictures to help illustrate just how effective the III CQB program is for students.  Here is Lee on or about Friday before class (I may be off on the exact date a bit) 

And after:
**END UPDATE**  Thanks, Lee!  ;)

Our host and hostess in Michigan continued our streak of batting 1000 when it comes to kind, solid Americans inviting us into their homes and lives to train.  Lee (our host) invited a group of his friends to join us, some he had not seen for nearly 20 years, so the weekend was as much reunion as building of Tribe.  Everyone in the group was fantastic, and we had the great benefit of having a friend of Lee's who has decades of experience, a considerable bit of which is ju-jutsu.  The man knows how to fight, and if he takes you to the ground, apologize.  ;)

A young family man, Tony, began building his CQB skillset after having driven several hours to join us.  He stayed the night with our Hosts and joined in the GroundFighting for Day Two.  With a wife and three young children to protect and defend, he proved to have his priorities right and the will to stand with the III.

Lee's wife put in as much work during the day in her kitchen as we did in the yard, and we were rewarded with some great home cooking after class.  We chatted until nearly dusk, leaving only when we knew our doped-up pups in the motel probably needed to water the local foliage pretty desperately.  We returned Sunday for GroundFighting 101, with a smaller class as we built upon our Day One skills. 

We leave Michigan pleased with the skills we were able to share, knowing that there is another pocket of Patriots who know what is coming, and what to do about it when the time is right.  For those coming to Idaho, you will get to meet our Michigan Host & Hostess.

It looks like we will be back in Michigan as we head eastward following the Citadel PatCom, and of course everyone from this class is invited to join us.  If you live in Michigan, or within driving range, it looks like we'll be about 3 hours north of Detroit in a few weeks if it is time for you to get some CQB work done.  More on the upcoming Michigan class coming soon.

Thanks to everyone who joined us this weekend.  Holly and I are finding small Tribes of Patriots from coast to coast, border to border.  We have a chance, folks.


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  1. Thank you for putting up the pictures Sam.

    As you can see, the class really does wonders for ones self confidence when it comes down to survival based on ones skills.
    Just imagine what I will look like after another session in Idaho. Scary thought. LOL

    On a more serious note, anyone who can possibly attend one of these, should.

    Sam and Holly are outstanding individuals. As a team they become something much more.

    We had an incredible weekend with some old friends and even better, we made some new ones.

    I can't do the whole event justice in words, but I will try in a post in the III CQB reviews that Sam has at the top of the page.

    Also, we are looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible in Idaho.

    Lee Smith


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