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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sorry, Mikey...

**UPDATE**  Bumping this to the top just because it makes me smile.  ;)
I just can't be bothered with your continued efforts to distract and derail real Patriot efforts.  Your under-handed attempts to kill III Arms and fuck with Miller have landed back in your shit-covered lap.  Your attempts to derail the Citadel have failed even more miserably than your life. 
The below cartoon panels pretty well sum up how most real Patriots think about you - you have become a sad, bad joke of zero value.  You have proved time and again that your primary goal is to divide, rather than support, Patriots.  You are going to die having led an entirely irrelevant life.  I did take a moment and add a small tidbit at my garbage site for you, here.  



  1. Best Laugh I have had all day.

  2. Heh, poor Mikey. Jealousy is an insistent mistress.
    Miss Violet
    Computer Gremlin is too busy sending back iiicitadel emails, it's letting some comments slip through.

  3. Sent you the comment I submitted to his site. Might tell you what I think of anonymous commenters.

  4. MV is a giant vagina. I only found out about him yesterday, and I already hate the miserable POS. Dear mikey: The real patiot movement will never die no matter what you do and god help you if you get in the way. If you don't like what I said, my name is Eric Michael Terry and I live in aurora,CO.....I'll be waiting. "Long live the III"


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