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Saturday, September 21, 2013

III MMA Design Element: Snake

Rick sent a copy of this snake he found while surfing - and it is almost exactly what I have in mind for the Gadsden snake wrapping the III for the top of the III MMA design.

The only modification I'd need is that the snake coil the III in such a manner as to leave all of the Roman Numerals separate and legible.

Thanks, Rick!

General FYI: I have more than 400 emails backed up and it will take me a while to work through the stack.  We have a reunion Sunday early-evening then we'll make our way back to the DC area by Tuesday.  Folks for the DC Class: Please get your payment in or I'll pull the plug by Wednesday.  Brock's place weekend of the 4th.  Then we begin crossing back toward Idaho for the winter.  Anyone who wants a CQB class, I'm not going to keep pounding the point: Let's get scheduled before I get back to Idaho - I will not be traveling out once we return for the winter.  And the way life is shaping up - I probably will be tied to Idaho next year with Citadel and such, so probably no more traveling CQB.  More details on this as I firm up our plans.


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