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Monday, September 16, 2013

Navy Yard Shooting & III Arms

UPDATE II: DiFi didn't even wait 24 hours.  Will the country clean the shelves again?  Will you be able to buy .223 in a week?  A month?  We shall see...  Here's the story.

UPDATE: Just an emotional bit of rage from me as I listen to the news reports, of United States Military Officers and Enlisted, hiding under desks and "Sheltering in place", while a single gunman wanders the halls of a Naval Base.  Whoever is in charge of disarming our military men and women of sidearms and rifles, get your head out of your ass.  I know - that is too much too ask...


Can you say "Mumbai"?

Can you say "Sandy Hook, Aurora, Newtown"?

Can you say "Complete AWB"?

Folks - the Enemies of Liberty are already coming hard, and with this shooting, they will come harder, faster.

If you have been considering a III Arms rifle or pistol, go to the website and order it now - this is not gloom and doom sales rhetoric.  This is simple reality.  You've seen what 2A enemies have been trying to do.  You know what they want.  With the stroke of a pen the White House could shut down all 2A production for a "cooling off" period, or some such nonsense.

Get your III Arms rifles and pistols while it is still "Legal".

Book your CQB class while I am still circling the country.

Order a seed package from Bill while he can still get product out to you.

The only Constant is Change.  Miller may not always be able to legally build.

I will not always be willing to travel to share my knowledge. (In fact, I will probably hole-up in Idaho for the winter, which means no traveling.)

You've been warned.  This DC shooting WILL cause a 2A ruckus.



  1. Kerodin is spot on. The organs of propaganda are already reviving the "Common sense measures" meme regarding gun control - Maryland has already gone full retard against firearms rights, and there will be a lot of pressure on Virginia to do the same... I expect developments in this "shooting" which will focus attention and effort in this direction.
    Maintain your situational awareness for the remainder of the week... this episode is not over yet.

  2. fox news is saying the shooter is a USN reservist that lived in Fort Worth, TX, he went to the reserve side two years ago.

    Aside from the 2A issues as Sam mentioned above, this will also amplify the .mil against the .gov issue, the picture just got very blurry as to who's who. Now, aside from local, we really don't know who to trust.

    Stay Safe.

  3. I agree 100%! Stay sharp and plan ahead, can you say sewer pipe? BTW, besides Wirecutter, are there anyother 111's in California? I hate being outnumbered here!
    Lynn A. Stokes aka Loco Gato
    Morro Bay, Ca.
    Eastern Pacific Yacht Delivery Service

  4. An update to my earlier post, the shooter was navy reserve from 2007 to 2011, it's not being said yet why he got out.

  5. I'm sad to say there's damned few of us, Lynn. I know of a few but they prefer not to be known, and they're scattered far and wide.

  6. Well, miller may not "legally" build, but he can DAMN SURE LAWFULLY build...guess maybe that's what it comes down to

  7. Well, miller may not "legally" build, but he can DAMN SURE LAWFULLY build...guess maybe that's what it comes down to

  8. I'm in CA and I'll stand with you. Ventura County.
    Chuck Myhre


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