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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So, LEO are Sheepdogs, eh?

Well then, fuck a sheepdog.  Sideways.  With barbed wire.

You decide for yourself.

There is a video in which a group of armed gang members beat the shit out of a guy.

Are you ready to handle a swarm attack?  Are you willing to let ANY member of the swarm close enough to lay hands upon you?  Are you cultivating the "Fuck you, stay out of my personal space!" attitude?  Once you let one of them close, you will lose.  The only variable will be how many you get to take with you.

The ONLY hope this country has regarding "Law Enforcement" lies in elected Sheriff's who have a deep and sincere affinity for Natural Law and the United States Constitution.

Here's the link from Bill's place.


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  1. Kerodin,


    I have been monitoring mainstream news. Nothing yet of the Police Beating in Long Beach. I wonder if its been suppressed???

    I first heard of it on Bill's site and I found youtube video's of it.
    I'm waiting to see if if (Mr. Bullhorn) Alex Jones gets a hold of it and watch as Alex Jones goe's ballistic.

    I'm really hoping this video goes viral.

    Someone needs to contact Mike Vanderbough and tell him he has some "malfunctioning officers" in the Long Beach Sector
    (See THX-1138 for the malfunction officer scene)


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