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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Use what works for you, ignore the rest...

For the record I play by all of the unconstitutional restrictions .gov has imposed upon me regarding 2A.  I pick my battles.

Every once in a while I wear my holsters to CQB class as I would in the real world.  As you can see, once more I shatter all conventional wisdom.  My Uncle taught me how to wear and what to wear, after many, many, many combinations that fit my personality, my personal idiosyncrasies, body size (I'm a small guy who insists on full-sized 1911s and Browning Hi Powers), not to mention his insistence that I shoot two handed, engaging multiple targets at once.  His methodology only worked with me, none of my cousins could master the autonomous functioning of left and right hands operating independently.

The holsters above are made from Kirkpatrick Leather, and they are the best leather rigs I have ever owned.  They are the "Texas Crossdraw" Models, one is right hand, one is left hand.  They were made for 1911s, but as you can see, they do darned well for Hi Powers.  Of course, if I ever decide to leave the porch, I'll order a set of Hi Power rigs.  Right now I am working on them to make my wife a crossdraw for the Ruger SP-101 (Stainless, 5-shot .357 magnum with Hogue grips)

Sometimes I wear the empty holsters in public as my own little insignificant protest regarding my 2A predicament.  Sometimes, I carry the Blue Gun Trainers for a bigger F. U.  I know - that'll show 'em!

Anyway - why do I choose crossdraws when the "Conventional Wisdom" has essentially poo-poo'd the carry style.  Sit in your car and try to deploy from a crossdraw - you can put a double-tap on target before the bad guy has time to cue the "Oh Shit!" moment.  And if you are being jacked from the passenger side, same same.

Yes, I always carry two.  My sense of symmetry decorum would be forever offended if I carried only one, and I'd have no choice but to commit suicide if I carried anything but a matched set.  (This is how compulsive I am - 2 Hi Powers exactly the same in every other respect, one with a 10 round mag and one with 13 - I could never carry.  Nucking futs, right?!)

Another reason for the Kirkpatrick Crossdraws: I can scoot them around to kidney carry and they lay against my body very comfortably.  At the same time, I don't have to re-train my brain to turn my hands upside down when drawing from the rear - my hands stay in their natural position, grab the butts, and draw.

As you can see, one of the things I do not believe in is retention systems.  My students know this - If I ever were to decide and carry against the wishes of my Federal Masters, I would not let a Bad Guy get into CQB range.  In addition, I am very well-versed in protecting my rigs from enemy hands in CQB.  And if he gets "Lucky" enough to pull one of my pistols, he's got more to worry about from the one he doesn't have...

Get yourself a comfortable crossdraw and use it in the car for a while.  Drill with it.  Consider how quickly your wife can get that weapon deployed and on-target if needed.  If you then decide to have her switch to strong-side hip carry as soon as she gets out of the car, go for it.

Experiment.  Challenge "Conventional Wisdom".  As Mosby says "Skull stomp a few Sacred Cows".

The key is to win.  Nothing else matters.



  1. Great post K. I usually carry my off duty/back up gun in a horizontal shoulder rig for that very reason (access in a vehicle). I have a CRKT Sting on the mag side strap, grip down, right above the mag pouch, since it never runs out of ammo, and it's accessible with either hand. I've had some people say they were surprised that I would carry a shoulder rig, since they are out of vogue. I advise them, what works for me, has worked for me for years, and carrying your gun a certain way, just because that's the newest "Tacticool" style is stupid and dangerous. As you say, find out what works for you, and do it. We should certainly give different styles a fair shake, but just because it's new, doesn't mean it's right for you, whether it's endorsed by whatever "High speed operator/trainer" or not..

  2. Noticed you also carry double folders... looks a little hard to get to the one on the left side though. But, are they also brought into play with a crossdraw?

    1. Practice, practice, practice.

      Yes, I can get to either one from either hand, usually - depends on how the other guy has me folded up.


  3. How do you keep the handles of the knives from gouging you in the privates when you sit down? Also, if you carry the guns as shown, don't the grips of the handguns gounge you in the ribs when you sit down? You mention that you can slide the holsters back into a kidney carry, so is that how you avoid being poked in the ribs? Thank you in advance for the answer.

    1. Anon: The knives lay in the crease of my thigh and pelvis, very comfortably even for 4" blades - though I prefer fighting with 3" blades. Try on a good Crossdraw rig, if your tummy isn't in the way, no gouging.


  4. I've got no problems with wearing a crossdraw rig (although I only carry one), or right/left hip or belly, or any other kind of holster as long as it's concealable and easy to get to.
    Practice with any holster you wear is imperative. You HAVE to do it.
    As far as the grip poking me..... that's one of the nice things about not having a belly.


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