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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Who's it going to be...

You already know a false flag is imminent.  You are watching as SPLC and others ratchet up the mainstreaming of demonization against Patriots and Liberty advocates.

So, when the Bad People decide to make their move against those evil, racist, hate-filled anti-Americans - who are they going to choose as the scapegoat?  WN?  Some Neo-Nazi group?  Black Panthers (coughcough)?  No flippin' way.  All of those groups are too well-established as Bad People.

Tea Party blue hairs?  You?  Me?

Now you're getting warmer.

One of us is going to be targeted.

Use this information as you will.



  1. I wonder if you can buy insurance against such an event. Maybe just a III legal defense fund? I will look into the insurance aspect and report back.

  2. I wonder if John Parker paid for insurance? NOPE. This is something that cannot be bought. It must be built, and built soon. III

    Ne Desit Virtus III

  3. Actually, I believe it has already been built. It is called the U.S. Constitution. It needs to be placed where all can see. In every commercial break during every tell-lie-vision "program". Or maybe have a sit-com about what has happened to it and the nations ideals.


  4. They can come pick on me if they want. I'm already pissed off enough.

  5. if we would have the Constitution "rise again", then We, The People must first "rise again" with our Constitution in one hand while gripping the means for defending ourselves and our Constitution in the other... the facts are these: (1) evil men intend to be our masters, (2) we have precious little left with which to defend ourselves in daily life much less in a corporate effort such as the Restoration, and (3) the line has already been scribed by those same evil men who like arrogant children, tauntingly dance, skip and hop along the line not quite stepping over daring us to stop them...

    their work of dumbing down Americans is nearly complete... case-in-point: we're raising a granddaughter(now near 16) and while on a brief trip with her mother, she saw a sign: "Freedom Isn't Free"... she texted me asking if that was so... i of course responded with information about our First War for Independence and a comparison to how things are today(note: she hears from her grandmother and myself often regarding the dismal estate of our Republic)... she has no clue of the importance of that time frame nor of the structured and deliberate disintigration since...

    it is my summation that Patriots from across the entire nation must rise(in concert with the South) as it is the future of our Republic as a whole that is at stake...

    may God help us.

    Prepping Preacher III

  6. Oh yeah seriously ...they stuck a pinky toe in to test the water in West Virginia last week. They're sitting back now analyzing reactions and comments. Next up will be the Left Wing Terrorist Nut Jobs of the mainstream media tar - brushing whoever the SPLC points the fickle finger at. These black garbed Ninja turtles are trembling with anticipation wanting real trigger time, I could see it in Boston last spring. Good Luck / God Bless ...III

  7. They've been practicing on bikers for a number of years. Murdering them in their homes; vandalizing their property; stealing their property; and caging them.

    If you want to know how they operate, just research the biker community.


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