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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A savage broadhead

Suggested by a reader, the Toxic broadhead, made by Flying Arrow Archery.

Does anyone have any real-world experience with this broadhead?  I'd like reports on penetration and wound channel.

It appears pretty f*cking devastating, and I am specifically curious as to your thoughts for anti-personnel use.

They run about $15 each - cheap if one is forced to use old-school self-defense tools.


**UPDATE** I asked about wound channel - check out the video.

8 seconds to bleed out a gallon...


  1. My buddy uses one and he said he never has had an animal go further than 100 yards and normally they don't go more than 10...You know how hunting stories go though...I have never shot an animal with one so couldn't tell you about penetration...

  2. Rage Broadheads 2 blade leave a devestating wound channel. They are a mechanical expanding style head. It is so effective that you can actually see blood spray from the exit wound and blood pump out. They run about $45/3 pk.


  3. Are you really looking for arrows to use against human beings? I understand that you are worried about some sort of US military of Justice Department strike, but that you are contemplating using arrows to defend yourself tells me that you are more interested in LARP than you are actually defending yourself.

    1. What does LARP mean, please?

    2. LARP - Live Action Role Play
      Usually denoted when players of various RPGs dress in character and play out their games in a live setting with modified rules.

    3. DRMan: No, Sir. I have on a double-dawg secret-prohibited list of Big-Boy toys for defending myself, so I have to be creative and quiet and slickery.

      I need old0school means at my disposal, before I take his rig and beat him with it.


  4. They might be good for soft tissue. Thru my experience bow hunting heads with replaceable blades break. But if you want something that will go thru soft body armor/kevlar try a "Bodkin) type arrow head like this. Replace dots(wwwDOTyoutubeDOTcom/watch?v=cQFevvCSsbw) Or if you can't find that, get a turkey type broadhead and take off the expanding blades and you have a Bodkin..With the Bodkins the heavier the better..Or check out G5 Montec, they are one solid chunk of stainless. I see know they make one with more carbon in it....

  5. 1) wow

    2) by any means necessary, to include xbow, slingshot, cast iron skillet, gasoline & matches

    side note: our military has used xbows in the current middle east theater


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