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Saturday, October 12, 2013

EBT down in Kali?

Kenny reports Cali EBT system is down.

Interesting timing, no?

An authentic glitch?  Always possible.

A dye pack in the water to gauge response?  Very possible.

A trigger?  Maybe.

Here's Kenny's piece.



  1. This also happened last year, I think that one was a deliberate test, as this one is, but that's just my guess.


  2. Very amusing. I just read the story on BIN and one woman commented how "pissed" she was. Yup, she's pissed because her ebt card won't work. I think Americans should be pissed they have to support this womans child. I certainly didn't "do her" why should anyone be supporting someone elses bad choice? It would be funny if the ebt'rs are the ones who start the revolution to get their free shit.

  3. It's down nationwide. Ramifications could be severe depending on duration. Be nice to get some on the ground shopping reports at the stores the EBT'rs use.


    1. The majority of grocery/chain stores use them, far too many. Now I know why a feeling of random anixety and dread, that I developed in Iraq and Afghanistan, had me feeling poisoned and funky today.

  4. It's nation wide.


    Let the fun begin.

  5. Just read that it's back up. It still amazes me that folks went into a panic because their gov't aid was cut for a few hours. Hours, not days or weeks.
    Will they learn from this? No.
    Did I learn anything? Yes. Stay the hell away from Walmart if this happens again. It was getting ugly even out in the parking lot.

  6. I just got back from Wally World up here in Vancouver USA and there was no sign of anything out of the ordinary.
    Might have been a different story across the river in Portland though.


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