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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Eminent Domain & Cowboys are Racist!

Seattle is using Eminent Domain to take a parking lot from a private owner to turn it into a parking lot with .gov as the owner.  Of course .gov will turn this into a revenue source, if not immediately (for PR reasons) then within a few years.

And what coverage does such a story earn today?  A single line at Drudge - the only outlet I've seen it at this morning.  No MSM.  It is just another thing in today's world.

The precedent was set and now it becomes routine.  Just as asset forfeiture and putting people into prison for pot.

Yet now, across the country, pot is being de-criminalized.  So, as a just a fair society, how does that sit with all of the people currently in prison and who have done years of their lives in prison, for what is now a legal activity?  Fair?  Tough luck, lump it?  Land of the free and home of the brave?  Rule of Law?  Not so much.

Also on Drudge is the story about Universities declaring that Cowboy and Indian Halloween outfits are 'Offensive'.  You and I recognize this for what it is - more separation of a People from its heritage.  Casting an entire generation into the waters with no lifeline into the past for bearings of the future.  "Everything in your past is wrong, we'll tell you what is Right..."

When you are ready to step off the porch, be sure to remember all of these people who you will find cowering in their homes, claiming they "...never did anything..." to hurt Americans.

A man doesn't need to strike his wife to abuse her.  A teacher doesn't need a paddle to hurt her students and her country.  She merely needs a textbook and a sense of superiority.  And she is not alone.

Here are the links.  Eminent DomainHalloween.



  1. that and then the Fort Hood "training" soldiers (just like students in public schools) received, advising that the tea party is an extremist movement... just because SPLC says so.. It's not just some soldiers making some google searches and getting top results because of some algorithmic filtering to promote liberal ideologies. It's "co-Intel" operatives coaching and morphing soldiers views deliberately placing this "extremist" label on tea party supporters and advocates simply because of their moral principals and faith. Turn the principled many into domestic enemies thus give cause to eliminate them because of "popular demand" whither its a uniformed thug with an "assault weapon" to the commie thugs using the sideways "kill shot" gun control.

    Sheriffs need to start drawing that line in their counties. Withdraw consent from the king.

  2. I was married to a Comanche Indian for 16 years. As much anger and bitterness that I still feel towards that woman I will grudgingly admit one thing - she didn't go for that PC bullshit and neither did her relatives. They were Indians, not indigenous people, not Native Americans, they were Indians.
    Of course her attitude made watching cowboy and Indian movies a real hazard around my house - she would sulk for days for days afterward and try to ambush me when I wasn't aware.

    1. I'm sure that last part was one of her charms?



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