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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Just something to ponder...

Warriors, true Warriors, die every day.

Warriors are not bullet-proof.  When our hearts are pierced, we bleed out.  When our knee takes a solid blow, it becomes damaged.

Warriors die every day.  We die on the streets.  We die when outnumbered by Bad People.  We die sometimes in our own beds, if our defenses have failed and our enemies manage to get close.

But never has a Warrior died in a basement or cellar or bunker among women and children - for Warriors do not hide in basements, or cellars or bunkers. 

When given the choice, the Warrior chooses to march out and meet his battle - life or not life.  Those are the only variables.  Victory is in the Fight, in not cowering, in not avoiding by words or device. 

It is the fight that separates Warriors from others.

Warriors do not enter battle carelessly or easily.  To put one's life on the line or to take the life of another without just cause is not how true Warriors live. 

There must be Principle at stake.  There must be Obligation.

What separates the Warrior from the average man?

Warriors will go in Harm's Way - by choice.



  1. Hoka Hey! & “the way of the warrior is death” it is coming, lets win.
    Richard R Deaver

  2. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Million-Vet-March-on-the-Memorials/539097822833735?hc_location=stream


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