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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Political Assessment

Being a Patriot just got much more dangerous.

'The Establishment' roared in recent days, and now the agenda is clear: Push the 'Tea Party' name and practitioners under the bus, declare them to be radical and extreme (this is coming from the Republican Establishment today, from the Hill to Wall Street Journal and beyond), link them to high-profile people with legitimacy such as Ted Cruz, giving them cover to crack down on the lesser-known adherents to Tea Party philosophy - and those further to the Right.

Put your thinking caps on, folks.

It is no secret that Tea Party politicians were diluted immediately upon arriving to Washington.  But now it is clear that the Establishment still considers them to be too powerful on the Hill, and in the public eye.  Establishment Republicans felt the pressure, and recent attempts to de-throne the Speaker from the Right have been taken seriously. 

Notice the word "Conservative" in the media today, being spouted by Establishment Rs?  When is the last time you heard that word from the Hill or big name writers?  It has been a while.  Now it is revived with claims that the "conservatives" sided with Boehner - thus creating the illusion that the "Conservatives" speak for the Right wing of the party, have legitimacy, and thus mark the line of serious political discussion.  Anyone to the "Right" of "Conservatives" is open-range.  That McConnell accepted an earmark for Kentucky in the bill is an open FU to the Tea Party, who demanded, and rec'd, an end to such things in recent years.

Look at how the Establishment is hammering Cruz today, and seeking to hang the Tea Party Brand around his neck, while claiming that he and his Tea Party extremists have damaged the Republican Brand with their foolish political games of recent weeks and months, and put the nation at risk.  Terrorists put the nation at risk, right?  And how do we deal with terrorists?

What is the end result of all this?

If the Establishment is willing to eat Ted Cruz, what do you think they'll do to protect you and me?

As your house burns to the ground with your family in it, Establishment Washington has given the green light, and made it clear that you and your silly principles are not welcome, and will receive no cover from the second party in Washington.

It is open season on the remnants of the Tea Party - which means Patriots have officially become Varmint Class - no seasons, no bag limits, kill at will.

Use this information as you will.



  1. Noticed the same, not ablet to articulate it as you do.
    However, I understand why my rage, already red-lined for years, is amped up even higher today.

  2. We've always known this was their end game, looks like the end game has begun. This varmint will be sharpening his canines...

  3. They may get the first bite, and realize they bit off more than they can chew.


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