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Friday, October 25, 2013

The cost of a counter-revolution

America would still be a colony of the crown if it had not been for wealthy men who were willing to finance activities of resistance.  It cost money for the simplest aspects of things like the Boston Tea Party.  It cost money to cover the expenses of printing papers and delivering missives and even buying beer and food for a roundtable of Patriots whispering of the subversions they would undertake the following day.  Buying weapons and powder and ball, boots and coats and the other essentials of a Revolution is an expensive proposition.  As we saw in Valley Forge and elsewhere, not enough men with money were willing to put it to use to support the men who were fighting for their Liberty.

We do not have even a small collection of wealthy men in the modern III who are willing to underwrite the work that needs to be done.  We do not have a wealthy man who is willing to cover the expenses of getting classes of Patriots through training programs like those offered by Mosby, Max, Culper, JC Dodge.  We do not have a conglomerate of wealthy people who outfit medics, who finance ammunition loaders of commercial grade, who are willing to sink a few hundred thousand dollars into tooling up a weapons manufacturing company.

We have, at most, a few motivated people who are financially able and willing to bring Mosby to town to train a small local team, or bring me to town to teach a weekend of CQB.  And we have very, very few of these people.  For the most part, every Patriot is left to his own devices to outfit himself.  Outfitting oneself properly is beyond many of our fellow Patriots, because kids need to eat every day and soccer fees need to be paid and medical bills are always there and without paying the rent or mortgage, the Patriot and family end up in a box under a bridge, able to help no one.

Even those Patriots who are able to modestly supply themselves face real-world limitations.  To properly be equipped for a year of strife requires vast quantities of weapons, ammo, parts, food, fuel, vehicles, medical supplies, and much, much more.  For one man to defend such a stockpile is a challenge unto itself.  As the average Patriot works to outfit himself, there is very, very little remaining to help finance things like radio ads, pamphleteers, gun show campaigns, and the other essentials of a propaganda program.  Many Patriots do everything they can - they toss $50 or $100 or a few hundred, once in a while even a thousand or few toward a specific activity.  But it is tough for them, it often means they do without something important on the home front.

It is simply important, right now, that men with means begin letting dollars flow into the work that is being done by the few Patriots on point.

If you know people in your social or business life that may be inclined to support the work of Patriots financially, consider approaching them.  If you have the ability and business sense to become a financial center, please consider taking on that responsibility.  The work that needs to be done simply will never happen if money doesn't begin to flow.  A half dozen men with means could send how many dozens of real Patriots to Mosby for training (or bring Mosby to them by covering his expenses and fees?)  How many Patriots could receive serious medical training?  How many safe houses could be staged?  How many small groups could begin networking beneath the radar if travel expenses were covered for trusted operatives to move from AO to AO?

Consider approaching honest and reliable Patriots like CA, or Sam Culper, or others who can take point and ensure the dollars go to activities that benefit the cause.  Personally, I am heading to Idaho and abandoning my national travels for several reasons, one of which is the expense.  From Idaho I hope to be able to create a center that can serve Patriots who make it to me.  But it is expensive.  The sacrifice to my annual income, compared to running my DC businesses, is huge.  I suspect several other people who wish to help by offer training (and other services for the cause) are equally hamstrung by lack of funds.

Think about it.  Someone with the means needs to take point, soon.



  1. What a shame. Americans have let themselves be taken over. They have the $. Not a day goes by that I don't see every damn one of them with a pack of cigs and a 12 pack of beer in their hands. God knows I have tried, but casting pearls at swine gets old. Where are the Patriots? They are as hard to find as W's WMD.

    Jim NDV III

  2. The ones with the money don't see the need because everything is still going well for them...It's the ones that are barely making it or the ones that have a little but are spending it on preps that see the need but can't dump a bunch of money into the cause of liberty... People like Beck, Levin, and people like them are spending money on what they think is best for them...So I don't think your going to have much luck with getting people to let loose of their money until they wake up....The question is how long is it going to take and will it be soon enough to make a difference....

  3. A major 'obstacle' to gaining support from the truly wealthy is the fact that they are making their wealth through the current system. While they may be sympathetic to the cause of restoring true liberty, their bank accounts keep them supporting the system that created their wealth.

  4. Sam,

    Absolutely hit the nail on the head. Finances are our biggest weakness.
    You have seen some of our gear here and that's years of preparations.
    I truly pity the lone patriot, trying to do it without a Tribe to help with the cost burdens. Even with others sharing costs (working class folks), we often do without many force multipliers and other assets. The single biggest obstacle to networking and travel is a lack of funds.

    I think part of the problem is that the wealthy have a vested interest in the status-quo, and that's why there are not any rich Patriots. They will not risk fortune for the chance at freedom.

    Just my humble take on it. Keep up the good work.

  5. No need to pity lone Patriots. It just makes VICTORY more sweet for us. 1 FREE MAN is worth more than 50 nwo armed scumbag cowards. If we must stand alone against communist regime troops, so be it. We'll make them fear what it will be like to go against 100, 1000, or 1 million FREE MEN. I refuse to disgrace the honor of those who fought and died for ME. Bring it on mutherfuckers- I'm better than you.


    Ne Desit Virtus III

  6. Where is our modern day Hyam Solomon? With your permission I will print this post and circulate it around to the groups I associate with, an army moves on its stomach, but it has to be trained to become an army first.


    Richard R Deaver

    1. Absolutely, Richard. You may copy and use anything you ever find here. The stuff you included in your recent package here was outstanding. ;)

  7. Sam, jwoop commented over at GA a few months ago that, although they were Patriots, our Founders were elites. "When they felt oppressed, things happened. When “our” elites feel the pain, THEN the revolution will begin." +2 jwoop

  8. Good point Culper. I know several businessmen who are in the 10+ million range of net worth. I grew up with them. I know them. They will be with us soon. Yes, some above have hit it on the head, they are still bankrolling from .Gov contracts.

    Jim NDV III


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