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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

III Arms Lowers & BCGs in stock

Yes, that is an authentic III Arms AR - see the III on the magwell?  See the III on the bolt carrier?

That's what a real III Arms fighting rifle looks like in the world.  Beware counterfeit junk.

III Arms Minuteman 15 somewhere west of the Rockies...
Miller has Bolt Carrier Groups available, here.

80% AR Lowers, here.

And of course full rifles and 1911s, here.

III Arms are NOT safe queens, folks.  They are specifically made to defend Liberty and your life.

III Arms is not your average firearm company - it was brought into creation by Patriots, for Patriots.


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  1. With all the focus on weapons (which is great, I agree), I don't see much discussion on use of force and staying out of trouble/below the radar.

    Some of my thoughts:


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