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Thursday, November 28, 2013

III CQB Training Exercise

For my students: Gather your Tribe and select the interior of a home.

Now find the narrow spots, especially the hallway linking bedrooms, and fight to your weapon.

You will notice many of our techniques work - and there simply isn't time or room to execute others. 

Train as you intend to fight, folks.

Don't learn what works, and what doesn't, in the real world when blood is at stake.  Learn now.

Good news: The online video-stream of the Fight to your Weapon course will go live soon.  As many of you know allies taped the class held at Brock's Fall PatCon, and we've seen the first few clips - they are great for our purposes!  As soon as we get the first 10 or so techniques in the queue, we'll open the site.

Happy Thanksgiving, folks.  This is the day to remember why the first Americans dared the sea and other challenges of the world to come here - what they wanted, what they were willing to risk to have it. 

Our goals and dangers today are little different.

Stay safe.



  1. Look forward to the videos, will come in handy.

  2. CQB class has helped with my Krav class in many ways. Cant wait to take the CQB class again now that I have some strike moves to coincide with the class teachings. Still taking advantage of any class my body will endure while in Cleveland. Its not easy because my body goes to fatigue before my mind does. I agree with Sandman, cant wait to see the videos. Stay safe Sam and Happy Thanksgiving.
    In Liberty,

  3. Your home should be set for defense. Nothing bulky near the doorways, furnishings should be arranged to provide concealment and/or cover, and a clear path from anywhere in the house to where your weapons and ammo are stored. It can be done and still look nice for your Sweetie.
    Looking forward to the videos also. I take every opportunity to learn from those that know.

  4. A Happy Thanksgiving to y'all also! :)

  5. I would also suggest carry until you go to bed not on a night stand. then it better be handy and a good damn dog helps too. Bill From Wisconsin......


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