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Friday, November 22, 2013

PJB: ObamaCare to kill the Liberal Brand?

Pat Buchanan examines the ObamaCare collapse through the political lens, and concludes the political fallout could be significant enough to kill Liberalism, or at least make it a dirty word again for another 40 years as the '60s did once before.

As usual, PJBs analysis is spot-on.

My fear: PJB did not discuss the possibility that the current "Liberals" have no intention of moving on during the 2016 election cycle, that they are not operating in what we would call a "normal political paradigm", but instead they mean to take America to a place she has never been before - a true tyranny guided by Stalin, Mao and Valerie Jarrett where there is no peaceful transfer of power.

I agree with PJB: Under "normal" conditions this ObamaCare implosion could cripple the D political machine for generations.

But I am not sanguine we are operating within a normal American paradigm.  I fear we are truly dealing with evil people who intend to bring the system down by deliberate action, then to rule in their chosen "New Normal" - a 'new normal' that will have nothing to do with DoI/BoR Liberty.

Here's PJBs column.

I would not recommend you stop prepping.  Not.  For.  A.  Single.  Second.



  1. Great post and article, PJB also has not taken serious consideration that the GOP has mostly outed itself as having no true Conservative values either, and I'm not seeing serious 3rd party contenders. Unfortunately I have to believe that the administration trying for full Tyranny is our best shot. Seriously I'm not a pessimist nor cynical, just reality based...


  2. And look, Liberal and Progressives NEVER reached the end of their tether. Look how they infiltrated and took over the media and through incremental compromise with the GOP and got us to where we are now. W. Bush did let the "assault weapons ban" sunset but before that gave us the "patriot act" that holds us under "emergency powers" to this day. And his daddy openly spoke of the "new world order" after Desert Storm.
    No, the Liberal/Progressives just went underground with Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.
    And 0bongo got elected because of lack of credibility, not despite it, 0bongo care will be forgotten about soon as they get the conversation changed.

    I can't give you this one Sam, you must be having an "off" day... Maybe a nap is in order... ;)


  3. Kerodin,


    Who needs liberty anymore?

    I think its outdated. Valerie (Jarett) and her puppet are right. We exist only to serve our masters and we exist also to purchase the stuff Fedgov orders us too.
    There is a puppet behind every puppet and behind the 'Valerie Jarett' Puppet is an MBA who works for an insurance company.

    This happened in Texas in the early 1980's with Mandatory automotive insurance.
    It was cheap for a few years, then the rates went up (way up) and so began the rise of the 'Parasitic Legal Class' attorneys and the lawsuit mentality emerged.

    The insurance went up even more as the attorneys needed airtime for TV commercials so they could make even more money.

    In Texas we have a lot of pipelines (and I mean a lot of pipelines) Imagine your money supply coming down a pipeline and everyone's drilling in holes in your pipeline, sucking money out and your at the end of the pipeline and the only thing left coming out is loose change.

    That's what's it all about.....

    Socialism' my ass. Valerie Jarrett thinks she's another 'Revolutionary, but she works for her corporate masters in the end.


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