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Monday, November 11, 2013

Poll --> Serious Business

I am convinced that Rule of Law is dead in America.

Team Evil is murdering Americans by the thousands per year (I saw 5,000 LEO killings of civilians the other day, in the last year alone).  The optics are dropped.  Raw power rules, not reason or debate or logic.

So, my question is simple:

Is it time for Enemies of Liberty to begin being found taped to Liberty Poles again?  Is it time for Tax Men and their bureaucratic modern siblings to be found in the modern equivalency of tar and feather?  Is it time to start treating Enemies of Liberty to the Governor Hutchinson remedy?

I added a poll at right in case you don't want to put your name on the line.

I also encourage people to answer in the comments section.

When Rule of Law is dead, civility is a death sentence for good people.



  1. Whats it going to take to wake people up...Im sick of heart at how evil the people in power really are and how nobody is standing up to them in a way thats going to stop them from doing bad things....When do we say enough is enough...When the chains are so tight that we have no chance of winning...Right now we would have a chance who knows if it goes on to much longer...It seems like to me the people who are waiting for that big moment to begin fighting back are the ones who wont even be able too because of the chains wrapped to tightly around them...Maybe someone can answer this question for me...Are we more righteous to not defend ourselves until the stack is outside our door even though millions will have died or get rid of the evil now even though it means taking lives of those who aren't at the moment trying to actively kill us....Its a question I ask myself everyday and more than once every time I see another atrocity committed....

  2. We are long overdue to resume 'an eye for an eye'. However, as you mention below, logistics issues keep us from assembling the teams that could do this work.
    That means we end up feeling like we're on our own, unable to carry out that kind of mission without being taken down. So we all wait for that one thing done against us personally that makes us step off the porch, and where we don't care if we come back or not. Not a logical way to deal with this IMO.
    We need an operating team or teams that can go in, take care of the issue, and get out. These teams would have to travel and would need onsite support, so again, it's the logistics that are fouling us up.
    Not sure how to get past that sticking point.

  3. ‘He’s making a list, and checking it twice, he’s gonna find out who’s naughty and nice’ Santa Clause IS coming to town, and he is pissed,.... build tribe, act local and get your Santa on. Coal for commies, or worse.
    Richard R Deaver

  4. I think most are hovering around the 2A as the launch point, like that is the all holy alter to bow at; all the while missing the bigger goings on. I know this because I feel I am guilty of it as well.

  5. NSA, FBI, CIA whomever are you protecting me or do you want to kill me like you tried before on 9/21/13 a Saturday night around 7PM when you sent the cloaked vehicle head on into my SUV Destroying it and injuring my wife causing her much pain and suffering breaking her right arm, busting her mouth and breast on the steering wheel knocking her out! Did you feel sorry then and place my vehicle off the road so she would not be hit by another? You have cost me so far $10s of thousands with no end yet! You know I'm a Disabled Vietnam Combat Vet past broke so don't be a PUSSY! Fight like me like a man! The Gooks did why can't you? You know I'm home! Kerry Good.

  6. "When Rule of Law is dead, civility is a death sentence for good people."

    Why is this? What does one have to do with the other? Good people are good people, and that's that.

    Probably you mean pacifism would be a death sentence for good people, which is sure 'nuff true in this environment. But there's nothing uncivil at all about defending one's self against thugs.

    Good people will never out-bad bad people. That leaves trying to out-good them. Rebuild now.

  7. I don't know if I have no spine (probably) but I feel like myself, and many like me, will not take action until we and our families faced with imminent doom. The problem with this issue is, we end up getting cut up one-by-one. There is no way that I could hope to survive against a "well-trained heavily armed and steroid-ripped"gang of jackboots (WTHASRGoJ - feel free to use) , but if I could stand with 100 others; then we would have some kind of chance (unless they decide to smack 'em with a cruise missile). Another large figure posted warning today about this very issue on his blog. We either need to hang together or hang separately... and as Mr. Kerdoin has warned, they DO mean to have us bow knee and lick hand, or die painfully. It's no me that I really that worried about, but I have daughters and a wife.
    TN Chemist

    1. I think thats the sticking point right there...Most of us do have familys that are keeping us from stepping off the porch..It makes my blood boil knowing that they could give two shits about killing our wives and children...I think the no knock raids would stop in heartbeat if the thugs knew their bloodline would be wipe out if they harmed any innocents...

  8. I'm not going to fault ANYONE for staying on the porch at the moment, for a LOT of reasons.

    But answer this as honestly as possible - if someone, say some idiot, decided to start duct-taping tarred & feathered local bureaucrats, lying mayors, "code enforcement officers" even the occasional LEO who likes to put M4's into the faces of civilians in cars - would that motivate any of you to at least get "closer" to doing the same, or getting a few buddies together to go do the same at least once?

    Does it simply take someone going first to get the ball rolling?

    1. He wouldn't be - I was using Justin's "Someone's gotta be the idiot and go first" line from a few years ago - tongue in cheek. ;)

  9. Sam ask july 4th patriot or Adam Kokesh.

    Bill Nye

  10. It will be different for every Patriot, the trigger to take the first step that is. Short of a massive Waco by .gov or something similar where there might be a more simultaneous "step-off" point. But I think the first aggression will be by third parties, the puppets of TPTB, goading some off the porch - and when that step is taken there would be a nationwide roundup of all 72 categories of "extremists".

    Don't think they're ready to move and singular actions against minor functionaries would be lost in the "noise" of current events - certainly not enough to warrant that first step. And knowing how arrogant and non-perceiving they are - the action/point would be lost.

    Public opinion - those that are of the 10 or 20% that might support such a step by others, would be critical I think in terms of overall success - so positioning and perception of any actions would have to be done so that TPTB is hard-pressed to hold any moral high ground.

    So I guess I'm thinking they must be forced to take direct action against the Patriots and not be way of surrogates - they need to draw first blood which puts us at the point of having to wait for the thrust and have plans in hand/in mind to act swiftly and decisively.

    We won't have all those who's families are in need right now - unless directly threatened. We're just not there yet and they haven't crossed that imaginary line yet - at least as I see it right now.

    They are readying as we read and write about it - we should be doing the same.

    Mike C


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