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Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Knock-Out Game: A Warrior's Perspective

The Knock-Out Game is Counting Coup.

It is that simple.

Within a particular bandwidth of Black America, it has become a rite of passage that portends sad, grim and entirely manipulated and orchestrated violence that will rip America asunder along lines of race, in the beginning.  For the young Blacks currently engaging in this cowardly perversion of Counting Coup, the Knock-Out Game is nothing more than a puppy to a young serial killer, a stepping stone to more violence, harder violence.  And they are receiving political cover from on-high, as the Useful Idiots they are...

Nearly two years ago I challenged Patriots who have never lived professionally in a world of violence to go forth and Count Coup as a means to ramping toward the hard violence that will be required in defense of self, family and Tribe.  I know several Patriots who accepted that challenge, one publicly.

Did you?

If not, you are probably behind the curve and at an emotional disadvantage, among other disadvantages - to a young Black boy or girl who has already unleashed hard violence.  And they did it to helpless, out-numbered, weaker targets, often of the opposite sex.  They will not feel nausea when they gut, rape, and beat your family to death for entertainment.  They have broken that emotional barrier.  Have you?

As I have said before, too many times: The Enemies of Liberty have a plan.

You are watching them implement that plan, in real-time.

You are part of that plan - and you will not like it.  You have already been assigned a number, a disposition, and you already reside on the list in at least one bureaucrats calendar.  You are scheduled as part of a routine day at work for a Stack, or some other means of disposal.

You are probably far behind the curve.

Fix that.


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  1. I personally call this year of 2013 the "Time of Wakening". I have made my peace in my mind and body. I have declared myself to God and put my life in his hands. I have also trained time and time again in my mind of the right thing to do to live. With the training this year, I have almost knocked out three friends, 1 male and 2 females.

    Now lets get one thing straight, I am not saying I meant to do it. I am not a man that goes around striking people, let alone women, for no reason. The situation that I was in was one I trained through in my mind over and over that when X happens, Y happens. Luckily, my elbow went up, but did not continue against the women. However, when shooting a rifle one day, my buddy thought it would be cute to snag my .45 off my hip and shoot it. Needless to say, he knew how I might react and I just nipped his ear with a full force elbow strike.
    Had I made contact, I think I would've knocked him out.

    Sam is right. These "knock out" games are testing the waters from more fronts than sheeple can imagine. To them its just water cooler talk about some video on YouTube that will never happen to them. To someone like me, it will turn into a blood bath if the person didn't make full contact with me and indeed knock me out. Pistol, knife or bare hands, if you come at me with that intention, I will peel the skin from your face with my bare hands. I have made the decision to harness what I call "My Minds Pandoras Box". Clear, precise,
    execution of thoughts and actions to allow me to stand another day. Patriots train your bodies, train your minds, train your hearts and most of all train to destroy that which dares to take the Liberty from you and know that in the end, you are okay with the decision you made.

    Get your seeds. Get your ammo. Get your affairs in order. Then take a III CQB class. When you take the class, be calm, cool and collective and take every second of that class in. Then go find a Krav Maga studio and take that in. Understand what you are doing. Understand why you are training. Understand that this is not a fight where in the ring there will be a ref to declare a winner and a loser and both go home. There is so much work to do as a Patriot that it seems like an up hill battle, but calm your mind and breathe. It will come all in due time.

    In Liberty,


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