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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Drudge: Felony Shrub-Trimming: San Diego Man Criminally Charged for Pruning Plants

Criminal charges.  For trimming hedges.

Remember, folks - it is NOT "The Government" - it is insignificant, small individual petty functionaries who issue the paperwork for such things.  It is equally petty people who pursue such things.  Make no mistake - equally useless individuals with badges and guns would have arrested this person and dragged him to jail if so ordered.  It is your neighbor who works at Parks & Rec or at City Hall.

Aim small, miss small.

Here's the story.



  1. In Palm Springs (and other places in Kalifornia) they have a person drive around on weekends and shut down garage sales unless you've purchased the appropriate permit. I had never heard of such a thing....witnessed it. I've got to get out of this effing place.

  2. And note well also: The King and his High Lords/Ladies CANNOT FUNCTION AT ALL without the connivance/cooperation of the stooges on the ground.


    Without the rank and file, the King et al. are like Canute, ordering the tide to roll back.

    Your .gov neighbor is THE problem, unless he/she is already an overt or covert member of the Resistance.

    Never ever forget that fact.

  3. "Aim small, miss small." .............. Oh......not now the Super Bowl is coming up...... the grass needs cutting......and the kids are still in school.

  4. I like your analogy of aim small miss small...He didn't start fighting though until he was directly affected...He might of still had his son if he had realized that comprising with evil will never make it go away...It just keeps growing while you try and live your life....So many people will be put on the trains because they just wanted to live their lives without sacrificing anything...The 300 need to be training...


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