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Monday, December 2, 2013

Home & Hearth, then Liberty...

At the end of the day, if there is no FreeFor as such to join and fight with, and I can’t trust to have my family kept safe when I put on my ruck and go to the rally point, then I won’t go. - Snippet of a comment written by Max Velocity on a WRSA thread, here.

Isn't it refreshing to see pure honesty in a statement?  We have held for a long time the reason most American men with a fondness for Liberty have remained at home is because there is no other way to protect what they love most in life - wife, children, grandbabies.

What is a solution to making your family as safe as possible so that able-bodied men can go and force Restoration?  Move your family to a safe and defensible geographic place where the majority of locals agree with you.  Encourage as many like-minded people as possible to join you in the safety of rugged mountains, or an island off the coast, or wherever. 

When enough like-minded Souls are together in one place and a man can feel confident that his Home & Hearth will be protected by neighbors, that his dearest loved ones are as safe as possible, then he will head to the fight for Liberty and begin doing the Hard Things.  He doesn't necessarily need a walled fortress or Green Zone for his family, but he damned sure needs to know his neighbors won't simply watch his house burn to the ground if it catches fire.  He needs to know his neighbors will do their best to keep his treasure (family) safe.

Creating such a community simply to huddle together and claim independence is not a solution as it was in RevWarI.  Today, there is nowhere else to go.  Everyone's back is against the wall - there is no "uncharted country" to which one can sail and live in genuine Liberty.  Reducing your footprint is not an answer to the devouring nature of Communism - they will come for you, eventually, wherever you run to hide.  And if you choose safety for yourself while leaving Communism on the field, knowing it will come for your children - well, that simply isn't what men do.

However, creating such a community so that able-bodied and rightly motivated men can start handing out fists full of Fuck You - now that's a plan.

Too bad no one has thought of it.

Oh, wait...a few thousand have already noodled that one through.

My bad.



  1. How safe are they gonna be if you don't go?

    1. If we men don't go, those of us alive right now and reading these blogs, I am convinced that all future generations will be lost.


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