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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

III Arms Christmas Raffle: Winner!!!

Jay Y. in Ohio - you won!

You are now the owner of the final III Arms Minuteman-15 Founders Edition!

Jay bought five tickets (as did a few Patriots) and Holly pulled one of your tickets out of the box about 5 minutes ago.

Congratulations, and Merry Christmas!!

All you have to do now is contact III Arms President Jim Miller and give him the information for your preferred FFL, and your rifle will be on the way.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who helped support III Arms and the 527 with this raffle.  I truly wish we were able to send every single one of you a rifle.  Without your help and support, we couldn't truly accomplish anything for Liberty.  All of you make this possible.  There will be a few dollars left over after the 527 pays III Arms for the rifle, and those dollars will be used to help continue our 2A work!

Congratulations again, Jay!

Miller's contact information: Here.  Jay, you can also find him at his Facebook page: Facebook.com/IIIArmsCompany

Merry Christmas to every Patriot!



  1. My congratulations to Jay.
    He just got a very rare item.

  2. Congrats Jay... Lucky Dawg....shoot well, my friend

  3. Congratulations Jay. I hope you enjoy shooting your new rifle. Nice way to start a New Year. :) :)


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