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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sling Bow

Anyone have any experience with Sling Bows?

A man determined to start a bit of havoc could really stir the pot with such a rig.

The entire rig is relatively concealable, the arrows posing the biggest piece.  And they could be easily concealed.  They are quiet.

As with the picture above, some of these rigs have tactical lights attached. Some have fishing reels so you don't lose your arrow.  And the field effectiveness seems to be well established.  See below.



  1. Kerodin,


    I got a friend of mine who's trying to get me into slingshots and I cant take slingslots seriously unless I'm popping rodents. This rig (slingbow) looks like an viable solution.

  2. The work as advertised. A friend who is in to promitive weapons took a deer last year with one. Had the broadhead all the way thru at 20 yds.

  3. Here's the original inventor (as far as I know), and his take down arrows. http://www.thepathfinderstore.com/two-piece-take-down-arrows/

  4. hmmmm... arcing trajectory... a line of riot cops facing a jeering, shouting mob of Occupy types. from the rear a dozen Kerodins loose broadheads from slingbows. Think "300" except the Spartans' shields are perpendicular to the ground, not parallel. "We will blot out the sun"


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