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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sometimes it seems life is not cooperating...

Holly and I had planned to be in Idaho weeks ago.  "Things" just kept coming up, delaying a few days here, a few days there.  There are times you wonder "Why the heck can't we just get out of here and on the road!"  A snowstorm here, a delay in paperwork there, et cetera.

Well, today the Universe let us in on a bit of it's secrets.  We'll get to Idaho when it is time to arrive in Idaho.  The Studio is under renovation already!  It is being transformed into the training facility in which we will train local men and women, teens and some kids.  Patriots from around the country will visit us and learn the CQB skills they need, while visiting our beautiful county and meeting our neighbors.

Additionally,  after discussions with a few allies in the III Community today, and then Holly, we've decided to hit the political world in 2014 with the III Brand. 

That begins now, as we ramp up for our first III DC-Class fundraiser.  This is where we need our III allies who have the resources to dig deep and help us raise $22,500 so we can reach out to at least 25,000 serious 2A advocates and convince them that the III Percent is the place to invest their dollars so we can go to the next level and train our people for the Hard Things to come.  Those of you who have done better than average in business, or who have been frugal for years, we need you to dig deep and help us roll out this professional fundraiser shortly after New Year's. 

Right this moment I have a professional DC Fundraiser working on the perfect list for us to contact.  We are refining the communication and the assorted details such as paper, envelope, font - all of the details that mean the difference between success and failure.  We have hundreds of thousands of gun allies out there, Patriots.  We need to reach out to them professionally, and we need them to write support checks as they do for politicians and other political groups every day.

We need YOU, Patriot.  I need you - this won't get done at $5 or $10 at a time, we need a few big chunks to get this fundraiser underway. I have made this offer: Once we pull the trigger and the donors from around the country heed your call and begin sending their support, you III Patriots who have helped launch this fundraiser will be paid back first.

Help us all.  Violence is coming, Patriots.  Some of the dollars you have in savings can help minimize this coming ugliness.



  1. What happened to "we can't vote our way out of this"?

    1. We can't vote our way out of this - alone. I have always held politics is an essential element of Restoration, as it was in RevWarI. But I'm not talking about voting, anyway.

      But here's a fact - no FreeFor is going to win if we are left starving and freezing the way the Colonists left the troops at Valley Forge. Another fact - The III is not even on FedGov radar because we are broke, we are a few thousand people who just as soon shoot each other than the enemy, and because anytime anyone tries to get something positive going, the snarkfest is unleashed.

      So, a professional fundraiser will at least help pay for some Patriots to get training they need, or gear they need, or help them find another Patriot in their AO.

      Yes, politics will always be imperative.


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