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Monday, January 13, 2014


I haven't written much here about the Citadel for a while.  The reason is that the Citadel Project reached Critical Mass several months ago - Drudge, the Leftists (and false Patriot) firestorm, the Glenn Beck interview that washed all that negativity away, and more.  In addition, rather than a fully built castle springing out of the ground was never in the plans, and it took a few people a while to get that reality.  But now, everyone is on the same page.  If I die tonight, the Citadel will continue and thrive.

The Citadel Project has been evolving better than we could have hoped.  Jim Miller is putting III Arms into the hands of Patriots.  III Businesses are coming into existence.  Families and businesses who consider themselves part of the III Citadel world are moving into the area and making plans to do so.  Holly and I are opening the first III-related such business soon, with generous support from this community, even those of you who have no intention of ever moving to Idaho or even the Redoubt.  Much of what is happening is being kept quiet deliberately - few of our allies are like Holly and me - they simply aren't built for or interested in having all of their personal business spread across major media.

A few months ago a serious magazine affirmed the reality of the III Movement - we are serious and we represent a danger to those who do not respect Jefferson's Rightful Liberty.  This same article named me personally as a "Leader of the III", a label I have stopped fighting (even though most of you know I do not seek to be your "Leader" in any negative connotation of the word).  I am simply moving ---> this way, and I invite any genuine III Patriot to walk with me.  I will do everything I can to cover your back, and all I ask is the same in return.  For those genuine III Patriots who have no intention of walking away from their "Home" (many of our fellow Patriots have deep roots in their AO) - you know I remain at your service, and you know that when the festivities get hot, I will be arriving at your camp at some point.  Please don't shoot me - we'll have to work out IFF protocols.  ;)

The Citadel has had to initiate some basic OpSec protocols in recent weeks - we've reached that stage.  I apologize to our supporters who are neither III Arms Founders or Applicants or approved residents - we've had to clamp down on the public availability of information.  I know many of you followed developments.

At the moment we are not seeking any cash infusions.  What I am considering in the near future is a Wish-List, a list of items that the Citadel Community needs that some of you may have personally, or may have access to due to your profession, et cetera.  Back during our fall PatCom at the Citadel Bill Nye gifted us with what has become the cornerstone of our community Seed Vault.  We are reaching the point where the Citadel Community of Patriots is in need of certain infrastructure assets.  For instance, our Seed Vault needs to be a genuine vault.  We need a concrete vault for community stores.  Which means we need such things as earth-moving equipment, `timbers, old log splitters, old hydraulics, old gardening implements, old Ham gear for a base station, used quads, old camping gear, you get the idea - stuff that you may have in a barn that you haven't used forever, that can be useful to a developing community of fellow Patriots.  We have mechanics and engineers - we don't need brand new gear, we can effect some repairs.

I haven't considered this all the way through just yet, but in the near future it'll gel and I'll get something posted. 

Here is a reality we have come to accept - when SHTF we expect a small influx of Patriots to begin heading our way, with little more than they can carry.  We want to be as prepared as possible to accept as many people as we are able.


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