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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Connect the dots - it's a game for Survivors...

There are rumors that OathKeepers are "...building militia cells..." and such landing in my email box.  Before you sign up, before you put your name on that list - your head into that noose - I will offer a simple warning: You are being set up for very easy collection by the same people doing the recruiting.  No, I will not explain further.  I have come to favor a Darwinian approach regarding the North American Liberty Games.  Let's see who chooses to believe the recruiting posters/emails, and who chooses to ignore their own lying eyes...

Sheepdogs protect sheep, that is a fact.
One animal in the above picture is a sheepdog,
the other one likes to claim he is...

This is where we get our wool...

This is lamb curry on a bed of basmati rice - very tasteful and healthful...

The next time someone claims to be there to "protect" you, asking "...from what..." is only the first question.  The next question out of your mouth to your "protector" had better be "...for what?"

This is why men trained some dogs to protect sheep.
Get it?

The true role of the sheepdog is to keep the sheep alive and producing until it gets to market...

And if you can't connect these dots, even with the help of pictures - I simply can't help you.


Afterthought: I wonder how many LEO collecting registration information in Connecticut, and how many of the LEO confiscating firearms in New York and California, and curb-stomping gun owners in Illinois, New Jersey, DC, and beyond, are dues-paying, card-carrying members of OathKeepers - and of those members, how many Mr. Rhodes has refunded and kicked out of his organization...


  1. You advertise for "cells" you put bulls eye on your life. Cells are to be quiet.

  2. About a year ago I was invited to join a local militia. Their CO called and spent 15 minutes talking about the unit and what a great bunch of guys they were. Then he mentioned that there were a lot of LEO in the unit and that he himself was a retired guard from the California penal system.
    Have a nice day, Officer.

    1. And that's how you do that!

      Good job, Kenny.

      Stay safe.


  3. Anyone who becomes part of a "clandestine" group, that is part of an overtly public organization, is deluding themselves. Especially if the recruitment has become public. As far as the "Sheepdog", "Shepherd", "Wolves" thing, it's an analogy, that's it (you can subvert almost any analogy if you try hard enough) and it's more about the percentages in society, that makes the analogy apropos, if you want to take that through to a similar conclusion, Christ was considered "The good Shepherd" and no one has related it to him saving you for slaughter. And I don't want to hear anyone's "I'm an atheist" crap, I don't care, it was just an example of a similar analogy. As far as the Thug LEO's in oathkeepers it's simple, they misrepresent what the original intent of oathkeepers was. Just the fact that we know there were probably dozens of oathkeepers in Watertown, proves that point. So what were they "Scared to do the right thing for fear of retribution." or "Scared to do the right thing, cuz they wanted to fit in."
    American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

  4. JC: I subverted the analogy on purpose in an effort to help some of the folks in our own community who tend to follow blindly to start thinking. Rhodes could win my support pretty easily - but he won't. He isn't willing to take a stand against his own LEO assets who violate their oaths. Once he nuts-up and cuts those folks loose, publicly and financially, I'll get off his back.

    I've got zero problem with his .mil base and positions.



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