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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How far does the sound of a dying sentry travel on a quiet night...

Mosby has a good column about the realities of taking out an enemy sentry, or otherwise trying to kill someone quietly.

It is NOT as you have seen in the movies.  It never was, never will be.  It is messy and always more noisy than you would like.  Sticking a man with a knife does not mean he is going to crumple in a silent and lifeless heap, even if you go into his neck.  The image above is a Maldives SF trooper applying a piss-poor rear choke - and while I would stay away from the Maldives for training, the concept that Mosby seems to settle on as most practical is my choice as well - get close and then go to work by getting your target into some form of submissive technique, THEN kill him.

I am smaller than most guys.  Even if I succeed in getting a good rear choke in place on an unexpecting sentry, he's probably bigger, stronger, faster, younger than me and my best choke will take at least 3 seconds before he goes to sleep.  If I choose a rear attack and choke, I am going to couple it with a foot to the back of his knee to bring him down as I choke.  He is going to thrash and kick - every student in my classes can attest that even a good choke gives the other guy a few seconds to escape or thrash or reach for a pistol.  On a quiet night when his buddy is just 40 or 60 yards away, even 3 seconds of that noise is more than anyone would like.

Just to complicate matters, next time you train CQB with your Team, try applying a rear choke on someone who is wearing a combat helmet.

Here is Mosby's piece.  As usual, well worth the read.



  1. Mine.


  2. Garrotte. Choke him out and take his fucking head off. Noise is usually unavoidable but at least then you don't have to worry about being attacked from behind after your "dead" sentry regains his senses.


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