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Thursday, January 30, 2014

IFF & Reality

Start with Sparks, he's got a review of a new Uniden scanner, and this piece on IFF.

Then go here to WRSA and simply go piece-by-piece, CA has strung together a collection of pieces that should help anyone who has not yet resigned himself to the fact that the war is already begun reach a realistic state of understanding.

Finally, do something that improves your position - even if it is simply relaxing with your family to remind yourself why we do what we do.

Remember perspective: Marconi sent his wireless transmission across the Atlantic just 113 years ago, the Wright brothers flew in 1903 - 111 years ago.  John Browning's 1911 is now just 103 years old.

The only Constant is Change.


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  1. Tech class license exam this evening in my area... studying(ok - cramming) for it revived many dormant things learned and practiced during my USMC & USNR days... (lol some 40 yrs ago now!!)

    why do it now? rightful liberty, III and because "the Won" says he "...has a phone and a pen..."


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