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Friday, January 24, 2014

III Comms: Additional Class Scheduled by Sparks & Co.

Elecraft KX3 - Made in America

Consider you are in your AO and your HUMINT reports a column of these idiots...

...heading through your AO and directly toward an allied Tribe a county over.

As part of the rolling .Gov column they are doing their operational thing and jamming normal Comms - your cell is dead, landlines are dead, maybe they even took the precaution of posting patrol cars or other elements in your AO (Their Infil route that they would want secured) to ensure you can't get in your car and make it to your Allied Tribe to warn them.

What do you do?

Hopefully your Comms guy starts the dits and dahs and you warn your allies, while your Team gets ready to Flank & Spank (TM).

But what if your "Comms Guy" is out of position for some reason? 

I have come to fully embrace the necessity that every member of your Tribe is in possession of an Elecraft KX1 or equivalent radio, with the skillset to blast an emergency CW message.

Elecraft KX1 - Made in America
If you are leaving Comms only to your "Comms Guy" you are failing to cross-train and instill redundancy in your Tribe.  Not every man in your Tribe needs to be as expert as your designated Comms guy, or your Medic, or your Weapons guy - but every member of your Team had better be able to cover the basics of each task that may face you and your allies.

Where do you get the Comms basics you need?  Peacetime radio is different than combat radio - different skills and protocols.  The Yellow Pages and Google are not chock full of people ready and willing to teach you Guerrilla Radio.  You must find a Communications specialist who has been trained to train others - we are back to the specialty of our Green Beret allies.  These men train to go behind enemy lines and teach locals, unite locals, and walk into combat with locals - there is no better Guerrilla Tactics instructor on the face of the Earth than a skilled and experienced Green Beret.  We can talk about the sadness that it is We the People who are the "locals" who need Green Beret help some other day.  Right now, you must train-up.

Here is the class that every member of your Team needs to attend, and it is being taught by a Professional.  He's added a second April class, in Connecticut.  This is in addition to the April 4 class already scheduled in Maryland.

Here's more information.  Don't skimp on this important skillset, folks.  If you can't personally go, perhaps your Team can all pitch-in and send your "Comms Guy" so he can get some advanced training and come back and teach the rest of your Team during regular training cycles.

Learn Morse Code, folks.  Learn how to employ it when Enemies of Liberty take all your other options off the table.  What is happening in America right now is not a rehearsal - it is not an exercise.

Enemies of Liberty have a plan, they have been working that plan for many generations.  They are about to close the deal on the final phase of that plan.  You are part of that final phase, and not in a good way.  They are working 24/7/365, and you know it.  The smarter Patriots reading this post know that having an AR and ammo alone is not going to stop those who mean to be your Masters.

Here's the Comms class link again

The class fee of $200 may be the most valuable $200 you have spent on your preps.  If you ever need the cavalry, or if you are the cavalry, making contact is an imperative.


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