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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

III Comms Course: April 4-6

Sparks31 runs the Comms Blog Signal Corps.  (That blog needs to be on your daily rotation and deserves blogroll status if you are running a site.) We've never met, though I have asked a few questions on his blog and in email.  I make no effort to hide that when it comes to Comms, I am about as green as it gets.  The man has always taken the time and patience to answer every question I have asked, and he did so in the manner of a true Professional who knew he was talking to a newbie.

He has announced that he is holding a III Comms course on April 4-6 in Timonium, Maryland.  I consider that to be my backyard.  For those who haven't Googled the location yet - it is just north of Baltimore, Maryland.  And as my luck would have it, I will be off the East Coast and teaching in St. Maries by then.  He mentions the potential for a Summer/Fall course out west, I hope that comes together, and I will do my best to help that happen.

However - if you are east of the Mississippi and Ham/Amateur is in your Tribes Comms arsenal, I can't express enough how much I counsel you to at least get your primary Comms guys to this course.  If your Comms guy already truly knows what he is doing, then I would suggest every Militia Captain/Commander/Lone Wolf to go to this course so that you can take over if your Comms guy(s) take a round to the braincase.  From somewhere deep in my memory I seem to recall the Comms guys in a unit (I'm thinking this is a WWII memory) were often targeted first (identified by his antenna).  The price-point Sparks has offered is an absolute bargain in my opinion.

For my East Coast III 300 guys, Please let me know if you can go.

Sparks asks that you have your General License, I'm not sure how doable that may be by April.  But talk to Sparks if you have any questions - he mentioned if you don't have your license you'll still get a lot from the course.  Honestly, I have the books but I won't be cracking them open until I get to Idaho.

Folks, if we are right and America is heading for WRoL/SHTF/societal meltdown, peer-to-peer radio will probably be the only option for long-range Comms.  Get what you need now.  Learn it now.

An insight that is probably foolish to put online, but I am going to do anyway, this is especially for my III 300 guys and my allies who may need me when the festivities begin: Learn CW.  If finances allow, my hope is to provide strategic allies with an Elecraft KX1.  If you already have a long-range CW capable radio, you and I will be able to talk.

Here's the link to WRSA.

Here's the link to Sparks31 post.

If you can go, go.  Polygonal Battlespace, folks.


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