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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

III Comms

I dazzle myself at how stupid I can be at times.

Consider Comms.  I never bothered to learn because I never anticipated needing the knowledge.

That is stupid.  I neglected the X Factor, which is something I preach never to ignore.

What is even worse is that I did not do the research for local scanners to keep an ear on LEO.

I am correcting that problem with whatever time we have left, and if you are weak on Comms or any other area, admit you fucked up and fix it.

Sparks31 is hosting a class in April, linked here and detailed below.

In addition, he posted today a real-world example from 1967 when Ham/Amateur filled the Comms vacuum during a bad snowstorm. 

If I remember correctly, it was Ham/Amateur that did the same in the early hours and days after Katrina.

If you have fucked up, admit it, fix it and move on, Patriots.  None of us can afford to lie to ourselves.

Here's the link to Sparks.


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