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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Upgrade: ALERT - Is "It" this week?

**ALERT**  This post just got bumped to the top of the pile because of what I just read at Denninger: The People’s Bank of China , the central bank, has just ordered commercial banks to halt cash transfers.  (Source: Forbes)

We need more data - and don't sh*t the bed just yet, but...

Here's the Denninger link.

Additional consideration from Economic Collapse blog, here.


**NOTE** A most curious thing happened in the 20 minutes or so I took to write this post.  When I started, Bloomberg Futures had the Dow at 335 down for tomorrow's open.  And now, just about 20 minutes later, they predict just 37 points down.  A glitch?  A piece of news that hasn't bubbled to the surface yet?  Dunno. (Bloomberg's original -335 confirmed by third source, here)


Most of my readers know I do not think there will be a single day that Historians will point to in the future and say "There - that's the day SHTF in RevWarIII".  I believe we are already in the aircraft and it is in the process of crashing, but it could take quite a while to fall all the way to our first point of impact, then our plane may bounce a few times and leave a trail like an F-5 as our wake.

(Most of my readers also know I believe Patriots could end RevWarIII in a week...but that is not the purpose of this post.)

WRoL/SHTF could take a long time to reach critical mass.

However, there already exist data-points to which we can point and say "That was a clue!"

At this moment the Dow is set to open another 335 points lower at the open tomorrow morning.  Did a massive, world-altering correction begin last week?  Or, are we simply watching a bit of turbulence from our window-seat on the plane as we race for the ground under full-throttle?

Dunno.  If I could answer that question I'd be smarter, taller, better-looking and richer.

But I do think this week should earn a slightly more attentive eye from Patriots.  Connect just a few dots: Last week, and all weekend, we have been hearing the repetitive affirmations that "I have a pen and a phone, and where Congress will not act, I will..."  That's a dot.  Last week's behaviors of the world economic markets, which looks like it will carry over into this week.  That's a dot.  The SOTU is Tuesday night, when the man with the pen and phone is the center of world attention.  That's a dot.

There are more dots, but you don't need me to paint the picture in minute detail.

Just be a little-bit "more ready" than you were last week. 

Afterall, even though those who mean to be our Masters intend to crash this plane, and they think they can control the crash - there is always the camel and the X-Factor.  That last straw could be put on his back anywhere, anytime, even as a surprise to all of the smartest-people-in-the-room.

Stay safe, Patriots.



  1. What is your best guess as to why there is
    a complete American "medie" blackout of
    the rebellion in Ukraine.

    1. The story of successful resistance to "Official Government Authority" is not a notion our media wants to promote.

  2. China is refuting the Forbes story:

    At 10:30PM EST, the DOW pre-market is down 18 points.

    That being said, I believe tomorrow will be another large down day for the market.

  3. David's link to zerohedge appears to have the real story; zerohedge usually does. It looks like Gordon Chang's stock is about to go down. I've nothing against the guy, but he always sounds too "pat" IMO.

    None of it matters anyway. Fiat currencies will be done soon enough and the whole world will get a rude awakening when it becomes common knowledge that money isn't wealth.


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